• Goole Analytics has lost it’s appeal. The information is often inaccurate therefore of no use. Goole Analytics has become more of a tool for Google to use to spy on you rather than help.

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  • We all like a good conspiracy but the fact that it’s a free service suggests they get something in return?? Knowing the behaviour of its users might be something Google might value. There are other Analytics, like this one http://clicky.com/66454610

    ‘Google’ just wouldn’t have been the same if it had been called ‘Goole’. What a difference one letter can make;)

    What a useless review. Do you know that you are supposed to review the plugin and not the service to which it connects?

    Mark-k You are correct my comment does not accurately rate the plugin. Like I said earlier, Google Analytics has lost it’s appeal and is becoming less useful to website owners so with that being said let’s look at the plugin. What is it’s purpose? To add Google Analytics to your website is as easy as copy and pasting one line to your website. Why would I need to download a plugin to do this?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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