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    Hi, Please note that this review is supposed to be for the free plugin, not any premium plugins at WooThemes. Obviously, this version of the plugin is free and does not require changes to theme files, so I’m not sure why editing theme files would trump installing a free plugin. Another benefit to using a plugin rather than changing the functions.php is that the theme can be changed without losing any WooCommerce functionality (specifically new tabs).

    We don’t really consider this plugin a “spammy preview”, as there are no in-plugin upsells – just some links from the readme for people who want additional functionality. The plugin does what it says: it gives you a single custom tab to work with and saves you from having to do the little bit of coding yourself and putting this functionality in a theme where it doesn’t belong. It’s designed for people who want a simple bit of functionality, while the premium version is designed for users that require far more capabilities.

    Can you please update this review to review only the free product itself?

    OK, my bad, so here’s the review:

    This plugin is an extremely limited version of something that can be achieved for free by copy pasting some freely available code at . In that extreme limitation scenario, the plugin works. Which means more or less like saying “Hello Dolly” plugin works.

    If someone wants what (in fact) is freely available, then there’s the choice of paying $99, so this is not some spammy “freemium” model or abuse of GPL, nor it is selling bottled tab water, nor taking WP as a spam board, because in fact the plugin works.

    Continuing with the review of the free version of the plugin itself, everything else (description, FAQ, business model, etc) it not a lie either. Just hiding the truth to non-knowledgeable WP users to get advantage of them on something that is FREE. So just saying the truth here, sorry if it bothers anyone

    Plugin Contributor Beka Rice


    Since we’ve established that the plugin isn’t a “spammy preview”, could you please consider updating the original review, as it could mislead new users? As for the merits of the free plugin itself, I will try to explain why I favor the free plugin over changing a theme for other readers.

    This plugin is free. It adds a custom tab. Adjusting your theme template is also free, and could add a custom tab as well. However, using a plugin allows you to include the tab in the WooCommerce menu and then embed files, shortcodes, and change content for each product rather than hardcoding a single, unchanging tab into your theme’s functions.php that will be the same for all products. I would advise against that route, as then you lose that functionality if you change themes. In that respect, I don’t see how the plugin is a “limited version” of changing the theme, when it provides more flexibility for the same low price of $0.

    I’m not sure how we’re hiding the truth to WP users while providing a functional and useful piece of software, nor do I understand how a free plugin takes advantage of users. Since you acknowledge that the plugin does what it’s supposed to do, I’m not sure why you rated it at one star.

    We would appreciate it if you could edit the original review and keep it to the free plugin, which you’ve stated works and in no way spams or misleads users. Continuing to try to compare changing a theme to the premium version by bringing up its price and disguising it as a review for the free plugin is not appropriate to this forum.

    Thank for this informations, use API Woocommerce is doesn’t very simply ! I come back plugin solution.

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