• Hi, thanks for this great plugin! I don’t usually leave reviews because I just like to give 5 stars or nothing. I try to not harm or damage developers work by leaving 1 review star and in this case you really desserve 5 stars!

    I thought that It wouldn’t be possible to disallow access to woocommerce (settings, and products, etc) without paying, as all ridiculous plugins out there! This possibility for free is very powerful even for people just starting and struggling with an online business!

    So, I said that it’s almost the perfect plugin on the title because it would be great if users can combine your plugin with different users roles. In this way we can be more specific about the access that we are trying to provide to an external developer.

    But I’ll give you some ideas to really add worthwhile PRO features to your plugin to make you understand that it’s a really powerful tool in several ways!

    1. Dashboard Templates Designs or the possibility to create an specific design for every user. Editing logo, colors, menus, etc. Because, giving access to the backend and dashboard of wordpress isn’t just for developers, but for all kind of users and uses. For example, employees, writers, editors, sales agents, managers, designers, etc.

    2. You can also create designed templates (and functionalities) of differents types of workers for example for: blogs, social networks, co-workers sites, teaching or learning sites, ecommerces sites, retails, etc and sell them.

    3. And this last option rocks! You should add the possibility for the Admin Master to monitor the activity of the other “admin” users. What pages, links, or tools are they watching or working on. How much time are they passing working on those pages. How many clicks, writing, modifications, etc are they doing… how much code are they injecting on the site.. etc, etc..

    Your plugin could be very powerful, but as I always recommend to the others developers, the basic and essentials features related to the main objective of your plugin should always be free. As the woocommerce features.

    Have a great day!

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