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  • I have an event coming up, the plugin works almost perfect for my needs, also I will be collaborating with the development of this amazing plugin.

    For this event, each customer can only invite one guest to go with them.
    How can I make one guest only on the form and not have an option to more than 1?
    As you know when you click on the (+) Add more guests it keeps adding more. I just want to allow 1 or maybe 2.

    Please let me know and thank you so much for your hard work with this amazing plugin!

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  • Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Doable, and I’ll add it to the todo list. Currently, you can only limit total # of attendees.

    Not sure how soon I’ll be able to address this.

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    I had to refresh my memory, but what you’re asking for is already supported, just not with the simple visual form builder I provide. I should give people a better way of specifying this, but for now you’ll have to manually edit the rsvpguests shortcode within the form setup.

    [rsvpguests max_party=”2″] – allows one guest, “Add Guests” not displayed

    [rsvpguests max_party=”3″] – allows two guests, informs user that the limit has been reached if they try to add more than two.

    That is awesome! You made my day!!!
    Thank you again! Your plugin is amazing!
    I got a lot of compliments about it!

    Hi David,
    I made the changes on the form but I don’t see that change taking effect on the website front end. I flush the cache and clean the browser history.
    Please let me know

    <p><label>Email:</label> [rsvpfield textfield=”email” required=”1″]</p>
    <p><label>First Name:</label> [rsvpfield textfield=”first” required=”1″]</p>
    <p><label>Last Name:</label> [rsvpfield textfield=”last” required=”1″]</p>
    <p class=”phone”><label>Phone</label> [rsvpfield textfield=”phone” guestfield=”0″ private=”1″ ]</p>
    <p class=”phone_type”><label>Phone type</label> [rsvpfield select=”phone_type” options=”Work Phone,Mobile Phone,Home Phone” checked=”Work Phone” guestfield=”0″ private=”1″ ]</p>
    [rsvpguests max_party=”3″]
    <p>Note:<br />
    <textarea name=”note” cols=”60″ rows=”2″ id=”note”>[rsvpnote]</textarea></p>

    Plugin Author davidfcarr


    Your code looks right. I did also just update the form builder to handle this scenario. You might try updating to the latest release and seeing if that changes anything.

    Working examples:

    one guest

    one or two guests

    IT’s Perfect now David!!!
    THANK YOU for everything! Very Special from you to take your time and make this update.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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