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    I don’t know what everyone likes about contact form 7! I installed and removed it several times.. just don’t like it, no preview, too much coding.

    Fast Secure Contact Form has alot of potential: They don’t hound you to buy their “pro version” and only ask for a reasonable donation for support. Great preview and lots of settings. Seems totally customizable with no limitations I have found yet (unlike webdorado’s form maker and others)!

    >You cant delete the sample forms and fields, I like to start from scratch (you can change them somewhat tough).
    >You can choose to display checkboxes “inline” but how the heck do you align them?! I have like 20 checkboxes and they display as a conglomerated mish mash, I would have like them to display like in columns or be able to center or align left or right EASILY without coding.
    >The biggest issue is that I have literally tried everything and emails keep going to spam. I have tried like ten contact forms and although most of them have more cons than pros, they ALL send emails properly except this one. Too bad, I kinda liked this one.

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  • Hi Shawn, thank you for the constructive review.

    It is possible to achieve most of your questions above. However you do need to enter some styling code to accomplish the end result.

    I did not see any questions asked by you in the support forum? I am sure that if you ask, someone will be able to help you.

    Once again thank you for your review.

    Kind regards

    I’ve never had any issue sending emails from this plugin. You must have something wrong at your end. Normally, you activate plugin, change a couple settings and you’re done.

    Your emails are not going to spam because of this plugin, it’s because your server isn’t configured properly. You will probably find you don’t have reverse DNS or an SPF record. Ask your hosting company about those two. Also make sure the form is sending from an email address that actually exists on your domain.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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