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  • WordPress SEO is the best SEO plugin out there. You can set the settings and let the plugin do it’s thing automatically. Or you can fine tune the SEO on each individual page.

    I have still had some issues with it conflicting with other plugins and the sitemaps functionality doesn’t seem to work very well. However, it’s the best plugin I’ve been able to find for SEO.

    Read my full [ link redacted, please do not post links in the review section ] for more.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Chris? Thanks for leaving reviews but please do not send reviews off this site like that.

    The review link you posted had a “Unlock the Full Review by Sharing” and that’s really, seriously, no kidding discouraged here.

    Is there an official posting of the rules? I would like to read it so that this doesn’t happen again. I just assumed as long as I can post a link, then it’s ok to post a link as long as it’s relevant to the discussion. That’s usually how it works on the web.

    If you have a link to the rules, please share it on here.. although that might be breaking the rules too. I’m not sure.

    As far as the sharing buttons, these have been removed. Bad experiment that has seemed to result in much more negative than positive.



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    The rule was just explained above. There is absolutely no need to send someone to an external site to read a review. If you want to review something on your own blog, that’s great. More power to you! But please do not use the review forum here as a way to channel traffic to your own site.


    What are the other rules? I didn’t mean to cause any trouble. If I have the entire list, I’ll make sure I follow them.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to this topic.

    Why not give the forum welcome a read?

    This part is what I am referring to.

    Remember, though, the forum is not designed to be a link portal, so excessive linkage will be moderated, as might signatures or links with no associated question.

    This a support forum and this is a review section. It’s not for sending traffic to your site.

    There are many awesome reviews here and a few “Meh” ones too. You can get very descriptive and post what you like about the plugin, what could be improved, how you found the support etc.

    But please keep it here in these forums. If you want to post a review on your site then please do. Seriously, I encourage you to create great content on your site.

    Just please don’t send people to that review from here.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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