• I injected the PHP fragment using the plugin

    Head, Footer and Post Injections

    In the “posts” / “just before content”, section, it works like a charm enabling my users to actually see a theme that is genuinely responsive, so many that claim to be responsive, break up words, when they just shouldn’t. Giving the end user the ability to choose their own font size genuinely makes my current theme much more responsive, regardless of which client, OS or guess of both my site thinks its being rendered on…

    My only one teeny gripe, I’d love to be able to put a simple label just before the triple A that’s used to adjust the font size, while it should be configurable, I think I’d go for something like “For your comfort please do change the font size:” (the triple A is nicely centered with the content so there is plenty of room for a label)

    Good solid working plugin, just does what it says, the only complication is how you inject it, but then there is even available a short code plugin for it.

    I wanted an option I wouldn’t forget to add to each post (I don’t like side bars – messes with responsiveness) So injecting it with another plugin just works like a charm – but do be careful with injections, get it wrong and you might need to ftp in and disable the plugin, but then with anything that modifies a theme on the fly, that can always happen.

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Could this CSS help with what you want?
    I am not sure about how to make it have a break.

    .zeno_font_resizer::before {
        content: 'For your comfort please do change the font size: ';
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    Where would be a good place to shove said css where it won’t get overwritten by and update of prevent a file getting updated (because its preserving user settings)

    I’m personally not a fan of css, but in this case I could make an exception…

    not sure what you mean by make it have a break, just adding an echo in the PHP fragment makes it have a break (if thats what you mean) I’m wanting to see the aAA bit immediately after the : on the same line…

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    okay now it is perfect, to review for anyone else who is thinking of doing the same as I am using the Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin to enable this great plugin….

    first in header and footer tab

    in the <HEAD> page section injection (on every page) text box add:

    .zeno_font_resizer::before {
    content: ‘For your comfort please do change the font size: ‘;

    then in the tab Posts

    in the textbox Before the post content add:

    if (function_exists(‘zeno_font_resizer_place’)) {

    and it looks fantastic, now my very simple theme, is responsive and the user still has control (as they should for accessibility reasons) over the font size…

    This has been a bug bear for ages! finally with the right theme and the ability for the user to change the font sizes, all users on all devices get a readable site !

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Oh, it is much simpler. You can go to Appearance > Customizer > Custom CSS and ad your custom CSS there. It should still be there after updates and works on any website independant of plugins and themes.

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