• A shame that the author has abandoned this very useful plugin, and only one of it’s kind.

    It’s almost exactly whay I was looking for, with the exception of it not also searching for items within the page settings themselves.

    For example, in Visual Studio or Directory Opus, UltraEdit options windows, there’s a search field, and as you search live searches ALL settings, and then hides irrelevant items, AND highlights the exact search term on any matching items, including things such as check boxes, text fields, options, etc.

    This plugin essentially does all of that already, minus the items within the settings tabs, or the highlighting of matching terms. I can live w/out the highlighting, but the searching within the settings options themselves is pretty crucial.

    If that was added, I would absolutely, unequivocally consider this a must have plugin for all WP installations, and think it would deserve being added to Core.

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