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  1. percivalconstantine
    Posted 2 years ago #

    The good news is that, of all the book promotion widgets I've seen, MyBooks is by far the best. Combined with their Reviews widget, they are a step away from greatness. But there are a still a few things missing.

    1) Booksellers - It's great that they offer support for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Audible, and a few other independent sellers. But there are still some crucial ones that are missing, such as Smashwords. As a Smashwords author myself, the lack of a Smashwords link support is a big detriment.

    2) Short-code - Having a short-code to implement in the page is great, but the problem is this will bring up every book. I have a few different book series as well as books that aren't in any series. Ideally, I would love to categorize my books based on series, so I would have a link for The Myth Hunter Books, Infernum Books, and Other Books, and then on each page, I would display only the books for that category.

    If Out:think could implement these two simple yet extremely valuable features, we're looking at an extremely powerful self-promotion tool.

  2. percivalconstantine
    Posted 2 years ago #

    An addendum to the above: Apparently, the Reviews plugin doesn't seem to exist any more. There's a guide how to use it on the developer's website, but there is no link to it and no specific name to search for it. It's a shame, because it seemed like an awesome feature.

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