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    After updating to 3.8 last night, I am now rather terror-stricken to discover that much of my WP Admin screen and it’s options are inaccessible. I am totally blind, and have tried using both System Access and NVDA for testing, in both IE and Firefox on a Toshiba PC running Windows 7.

    In Firefox, many links now only speak the word “Link?” or “Link? Submenu”, but the number of these links seem to be few and far between. I have discovered, (basically through trial and error and guess work), how to get to my profile, and how to post a new page, post or link. But finding a reliable solution to get to my Plugins Submenu, Pages submenu, and other menus which were totally accessible to me in the last build, has not occurred as of yet. This state of affairs is rather terrifying to a site owner who does regular updates, particularly now in the holiday season.

    I have managed, again in Firefox, on a couple of occasions, to discover my “Settings” and other submenus, but can’t figure out how to successfully duplicate finding them, (as the appropriate titles to links that appear to be constantly available on the dashboard are no longer spoken).

    When testing in IE, there is a link called “Menu” that is spoken, but I can’t seem to activate it. Using NVDA I have tried pressing enter on this link, space, and shift caps lock M to try to open it (although it doesn’t speak the fact that there is a submenu) but no go.

    Am happy to share audio demos, clarify in any way or otherwise answer questions. This is very disheartening for me at the moment, and any assistance will be most gratefully received.

    Thanks so much,

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  • O, brother–I suspect that could be problematic.

    geothom, u don’t tell me what adaptive technology you’re using, if any. This is becoming an increasingly important question. . First, I might be able to help you find a way to circumvent this–& also because it’ll let our team know if a single technology is being impacted by this, or whether perhaps it’s a combination of technologies running that’s experiencing problems.

    At this point, please disable your plugins. Next, please see if you can change your theme back. Lastly, please try uploading your media again, ok?

    Please let us know how you go.

    When u say ‘that could be problematic’ – what is ‘that’? – theme? or revert to old vers.?
    Not using any adaptive tech. I can’t really disable all plugins coz one is our reservation system – part of the theme and reason why we chose it.
    What’s the process to revert to v 3.7.1? – That works.

    Anyway, as stated in previous post, still have same problem with ALL plugins disabled.



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    @geothom – this thread is specifically about using screen readers (for sight impaired users) – is that your situation?

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    Geothom? If you are using adaptive technology for visual impairment can you please let us know what that is?

    If you are not then please start your own topic. This one is specifically for supporting LotusDreamer’s problem and not for “how do I roll back?” questions.

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    Not using any adaptive tech.

    Then per the forum welcome please start your own topic. It’s considered rude when you interrupt someone elses and this topic has nothing to do with your problem.

    How-To and Troubleshooting

    I apologize. I must have missed anything to say that this forum was only for sight impaired related tech. Will transfer. Apologies again and good luck!

    He says he’s not using any adaptive technology, so I suspect my services regarding that aspect are no longer required tonight.

    Therefore–good night, ladies & gentlemen. I’ll check in in the morning to see if lotusdreamer answers my queries, tries disabling plugins, etc. Hopefully by that time some resolution is attained. It’s interesting to see that a person who is apparently not using adaptive technology is also having difficulties, though.

    I personally am using a little 10-inch netbook & not having problems, so I don’t know if the responsive changes in the theme are the answer either. Very interesting! This is the kind of stuff that keeps my hair continually very short.

    Anyway, it was a privilege working with & meeting some of the Make WordPress Accessible team members, moderators, etc. You folks on the Make wp Accessible team please let me know what, if anything, I can do to continue to be helpful.

    abletec – sorry if I kept you up late. This is my first experience of WordPress having only started about 2 months ago and I can only say I am extremely impressed at the level of assistance for a free product.

    I just wanted to let y’all know that I just started my site tonight using WP 3.8 with no issues except the one about the audio player which I just started a new thread about. I’m using System Access with now IE11, was using 10 earlier.

    @azaozz is right, If the screen is small, the layout pops into responsive mode, with an entirely different menu-structure. Trying to access the menu and navigate trough it, with keyboard only isn’t that easy, a lot is skipped and the tab order is not logical.

    Maybe a quick solution is to add a setting, like “disable mobile version”? To avoid this problem for screen readers for now.

    But because a lot of blind people use an iPhone, this is a problem that needs to be solved a the future release I guess.

    Hi @lotusdreamer,

    I am part of the wordPress Accessibility Group, and having just been notified of this thread, will continue to watch it. I am totally blind myself, have upgraded both my sites to 3.8, and unfortunately cannot reproduce this problem using Windows 7 or 8, Internet Explorer 10, and Jaws 13 or 14. Can you tell us: (a) Which version of FireFox you’re using; (b) Which version of NVDA you’re using, and (c) Which version of Internet Explorer you’re using? It’s late here but I will stay up and monitor this thread so that I can help you resolve this issue if possible.



    If it will be easier or more convenient for you, I would also be willing to jump on Skype and help you further. I know sometimes that it can be easier to have someone live helping with support than it can be to try to test and then post on a forum and wait for a reply, so what I suggest is that if you want we can jump on Skype, while using the forum at the same time to keep people updated on this issue and also post a response detailing how to fix it. Let me know what you think.


    Yeah this setting should definitely fixed in a future release if we’re going to be doing administration from iPhones. I use one, and would love to be able to handle certain things directly from the dashboard as opposed to the mobile app.

    Thanks to everyone for your responses; much appreciated.

    To clarify:

    I have been using both the latest nightly build of the NVDA screen reader, and also the System Access screen reader (latest update) for testing purposes.

    Using a Toshiba Satellite P755 laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium.

    My theme is the Genesis Serenity child theme. Latest versions of both Genesis and Serenity child theme.

    Have tested on Firefox 26 and IE 11.

    I think I’ll disable all plugins next and see what, if anything, changes. Will report back.

    Thanks again,

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