• I bought the pro license and I’m almost happy with this plug in. Here is what I would love to see in the future:
    I would like to have retina support for my thumbnails and also I would like to have some other sorting options for Images inside an Album. There is actually an option to sort my images by date but then all my new uploaded images appear in the end. I would like to have my new images displayed at the top of the masonry layout.
    Another problem I see currently is the following: It is possible to have a filter for my categories which displays correctly, BUT if I click on a thumbnail, it opens the lightbox and switch to next slide, it’s unfiltered again. For example I have three categories for my pictures, a), b) and c). If i click to filter only pictures from category a) and open the lightbox for a picture, the next picture which shows inside the lightbox can also be from b) and c) and not only from category a)..
    The last point is the following: If I click a category on the filter part, the pictures start moving as they should. At the end of this animation when all the other pictures have sorted out, the pictures start shaking like crazy for half a second.
    The rest is perfect, like I said, i’m almost happy 😛
    I would recommend it to everyone if these issues would be fixed!

    BTW: I’m using Safari Version 8.0.3 on Mac Book Retina running 10.10.2

    Thank you in advance!

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