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  • Huzzaz is really simple to use and does what it says it will do. The reason for my 3 star review is that it (at least seems) to lack some basic functionality that I’d like to see. Here are my issues:

    1. You should be able to set one of the videos as the gallery homepage. I don’t want to have to upload an image to have that be my gallery “cover.” Alternatively, it would be nice if you could just choose “no gallery cover.” This is especially important for me when embedding on WordPress.

    2. Also related to the gallery cover, there needs to be an option in settings where I can hide my username from the gallery cover page. If I’m trying to embed it on a client’s WP Site for a nice, clean look, I clearly don’t want to have “stefanpaulgeorgi” flashing on top of the screen. One alternative would be to make a new account for each client whom I use this for, but that’s a huge pain in the butt.

    3. The third is just the option to hide the “powered by huzzaz portion.” I see that this will be an option in the premium player, so hurry up and make it. If you can address the above issues, I’ll happily shell out cash for it.

    Last note – if there is a way to do any of what I’ve mentioned above and I just missed it, please let me know!

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  • Plugin Author deshine


    Thanks for taking the time to write a review. We appreciate the feedback.

    1. The reason that we have cover art for the gallery is because each gallery also lives as video collection on Huzzaz where other people can discover them. We would like each collection to have unique cover art to showcase it’s personality instead of a random video screenshot.

    2. Although there is an option to change your display name, that is probably not the solution you are looking for. We have tried to make Huzzaz simple enough to use that non-developers can manage the video gallery on their websites. This way you can embed the video gallery and let your clients manage the content of it and you have don’t have to add and organize the videos every time they want to make updates to the video gallery. They never even have to go in to the WP admin panel. We think that creating an account for each client to manage themselves would actually be less painful for you in the long run. That’s our line of thought anyway. Last thing we want to do is to be a pain in the butt for developers 🙂

    3. Don’t worry, the premium options are coming soon. The pro video gallery will be released by this weekend and it will have the ability to have full-size cover art that graces the entire featured video spot. Soon after there will be an option to pay to remove “powered by Huzzaz”.

    We have a lot of big updates coming very, very soon…

    Well I really appreciate the quick reply. I totally understand your reasoning for wanting each gallery to have cover art, however I’d strongly encourage you to consider making a developer option too where this can be disabled. It sounds like your main focus is on building a video based community, which I totally get, but if you can make it easier for developers to use your player as well, I suggest going for it.

    One of the main reasons for considering developers is that we’re the ones who will happily pay for stuff. For example, after writing this comment I went and purchased Playlist Video Gallery for $18. I’m still not blown away with their functionality either, but it got the job done.

    As far as the idea of making an account for each client, yeah that might be the better alternative. It’s really just client specific – some like the ability to make changes on their own, others are like “that’s what I’m paying you for buddy!” But we’ll see. I’ll buy the premium when it comes out this weekend (submitted my email already), and depending on my experience, I may look at doing a unique account for each client.

    Thanks again for the quick reply though, that goes a long way.

    Plugin Author deshine


    I just wanted to let you know that you can now hide links to Huzzaz and the “powered by Huzzaz” tagline by donating $20 to Huzzaz.

    We’ve also added a new video gallery layout that shows the description of the videos in your video gallery. You can check it out here

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