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    I’ve got my site looking pretty well how I want it. (Very basic theme based on WordPress Classic.) I am still having a couple of minor issues..

    1.) my header image isn’t exactly centered
    2.) looks funny when viewing an individual post that is “shorter” than the “menu bar” like this.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Head over to Stuart’s place and grab the Gemini theme. That will fix the footer issue. It’s a known problem with the Classic, but easily solved.

    I tried Gemini, but it didn’t seem to fix the problem. I was trying to use the templates with my own stylesheet, however. Do I need to get one of the gemini themes and start from scratch modifying the style sheet?

    Is there some code I can fix to solve this? Or is it too complicated?

    (I probably should have done something about this before now.)

    Gemini is a template consisting of an index php file and a style sheet.
    You need both. They are available from the url given for WP 1.2 and WP 1.5 .
    The layout is in the first section so as long as you do not fiddle with that you can quite easily edit in your own style.

    Your problem is that you have your #menu absolutely positioned. Which means it’s kind of on a “layer” (in a sense) above the rest of the layout. Which means it can not effect anything else on the page.

    You have to remove the absolute postioning.

    Before I tell you how to fix it. I wouldn’t use Gemini just learn CSS it’s not hard once you get the hang of it. You have your layout working. You just need an adjustment. It may take extra time but you’ll learn the most fixing these little problems than in building a whole layout in CSS.

    I always build my CSS layout outside of WordPress. Validate it and make sure it works in the browsers I’m interested in supporting. Then I incorporate it in to Word Press. It takes a little longer to learn CSS but once you know it. You’ll know what’s wrong or have a good idea. Without even looking at the code.

    float the #menu right

    Put float: right;

    float the #content left

    Put float: left;

    As long as both of these <div>’s live inside your

    #rap <div>’s your fine.

    You may have to set widths for both the content and menu div’s. If the layout looks a little out of place start by setting your margin to 0 in #content and then readjust to get it where you want it.


    Thanks. This is the only thing I have done with css, so I am still very new at it. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this lately, but I tried what you suggested. I got rid of the absolute positioning of my menu and floated the menu right, and the content left. A lot of weird stuff happened.

    My rap (black background & gray border) stopped just below the header, and the wordpress credit appeared just below that, with my posts below the credit, against the gray background (outside the rap now.) The menu bar was shoved all the way down below the content.

    I am at a loss as to how to get the content and menu to stay in the rap, and keep the menu up “next to” the content.

    Faced with this situation in Classic you have the same choices as everybody else ever had. Fix it yourself. Fit a prepared template that solves it for you. Or futz about in this forum with a lot of folk doing their best to explain float positioning and presentational markup (or lack thereof) in WP Classic.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    montag – the rap doing that could be due to tags not being closed. Running your page through the validator can help dig those things out.

    As for menu being below content – if you add the widths of both (and each one does need to have a defined width!) do they come to less than the width of the rap ?
    Have you tried making things much smaller to check ?

    You are probably very very close…… keep at it and post here as much as you need to.

    Podz. Thanks for the encouragement. I adjusted the widths of the columns and that worked. However, I am still having the problem with the rap and the wordpress credit. My HTML validates, and the only error I get when I validate css is “File not foundhttp://www.. ../print.css: Not Found”

    The only thing I have done in the index.php is add the code for Matt’s Asides. Might I have a closing tag for a div in the wrong place?

    I’ve changed the style.css in hopes that someone is online now that might be able to take a look and actually see what this bad boy is doing. I’d appreciate any help.

    to recap: HTML validates. the rap works and the wordpress credit is at the bottom of the page (outside the rap) using my old css (the old one is different because the menu was ‘absolute’ positioned. In the new style sheet, i have floated the content left and the menu right, and adjusted the widths per podz advise (thanks) and tweaked the padding on the two columns. i’m at a loss as to what to try next. I have looked at the index.php and to my untrained eye it looks like the div tags and closing div tags are in the right places.

    Ok, I finally bit the bullet and switched to a Gemini theme, so the menu bar issue is solved.

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