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  • Everything works great except two things:

    Unfortunately, it’s a simple iFrame. So there is no SEO for the video galleries you makes.

    No Links
    When you click to watch another video no link is created in the main page. Ideally you would want some sort #video_id so you could return to this specific video on the page you are viewing. Can’t do this with iFrames. So yeah.. iframe needs to be ditched.

    This could all be fixed if the plugin could dynamically do an ajax query to get data from huzzah. Then this plugin would off the hook!

    —Magic kitten paws need a jquery ajax Ninja

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  • It also doesn’t work if the site is https

    Plugin Author deshine


    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Every solution has it’s pros and cons. We feel the iFrame was best suited for the goals we set for the Huzzaz Video Gallery. And we are not alone in this thinking. YouTube and Vimeo both use iFrames to embed their videos in to other sites as well.

    Fortunately, our simple iFrame allows us to do some crazy awesome things =). Here‘s a preview of some of our new video gallery layouts to come. The use of an iFrame also allows a user to easily add new videos and update their video gallery without needing to go through the WP admin panel.

    The Huzzaz video gallery was never meant to be an SEO tool. There are many other plugins and techniques that can be used to rank well in search engines. Our main goal was to make it easy for you to create an engaging video experience that would allow a viewer to easily watch all your relevant videos from one video gallery. This equates to longer site visit durations and more YouTube/Vimeo views.

    We do plan to support https in the future so be on the lookout.

    I understand the complexity of making ajax calls instead of using an iframe. It’s hard work.

    My comment about SEO wasn’t directed as making this an SEO plugin but making search engines know there are videos on the site.

    With the iFrame search engines will not know there are any videos whatsoever on the site. I’m not asking for search engine optimization but search engine recognition. Right now it simply does not exist with this plugin.

    More importantly:
    How could one share a specific video on their wordpress site? A perfect example is sharing a link on Facebook (which all businesses and people do). Say a webmaster just added a great video on Huzzaz but now they want to share it on FB while directing traffic to their site (using the Huzzaz plugin).

    Keep in mind this is constructive comments that could improve this new and awesome concept. I just want my cake and eat it too.

    Plugin Author deshine


    You make some good points. I appreciate the kind words and I really appreciate the constructive comments. They do help us think about how to keep improving. I’m just sharing some insight in to why we did things a certain way.

    This is going to get long…so sorry for the long read in advance…

    We actually do make ajax calls within the iframe, which is how we dynamically paginate the video gallery according to how many videos a user wants to show at one time. All the thumbnail images are also loaded via ajax to speed up the load time as well. Using an iFrame helps us do 2 things: 1) Allow non-WordPress users (they do exist..hehe) an easy way to embed video galleries 2) prevent javascript conflicts with other plugins

    I agree with your point about having an iFrame and a search engine not knowing whether there are any videos in there, but assuming you have the other stuff (tags, content, descriptions, back links, etc) on point, I don’t think ranking high will be a problem. Aside from ranking in “video results”, the main reason videos help rank pages higher is because they keep people on the page longer.

    But here are some additional points to consider.
    1. If you’re embedding YouTube/Vimeo videos on your page, the video SEO argument becomes moot because YouTube/Vimeo’s video page will usually always outrank a page that has the same embedded video in it. (in fact, I struggle to find an example where a page with an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video ranks high in video search results)
    2. Google’s current algorithm uses time spent on a page as an indicator of page quality. The longer you can get people to stay on a page, the higher it will rank in “normal results”. This is a big reason why pages with embedded videos do well. My theory is that video galleries will encourage people to stay even longer.
    3. On average, people spend 2 minutes longer on a site when they watch a video. What if they could easily watch multiple videos from one page? 😉
    4. The old adages “optimize for users not search engines” and “content is king”

    In regards to your important question about linking to specific videos, I think one solution would be to have posts with individual videos and then also having a video gallery page that has all the relevant videos on one page to make it easy for viewers to engage with the entire collection of videos. This can be very easy to do because once you create a post with an embedded video on it, you can use the Huzzaz bookmarklet to immediately add it to your video gallery (you wouldn’t even need to go to Huzzaz to add the video).

    This would be a similar concept to a blog where there are individual pages containing a single post and archive pages with multiple posts.

    If you’re adding a video on Huzzaz and want to share, you can share it in multiple ways. On Huzzaz, the video is automatically shared to anybody who is following your collection. There is also a FB button that allows you to share the video or collection on FB directly from Huzzaz. If you want to share the webpage with your awesome Huzzaz video gallery on it, then you can share the link to your page on FB either through a FB share widget or on FB directly. I don’t see why it would be any different from sharing any other page on your website.

    I hope I answered your questions or at least shed some light in to our thought process. We are really hoping that we can bake a good cake and have you eat it, too! 🙂

    I don’t mind discussing this kind of stuff at all and I love learning and sharing about it so sorry if I rambled too much..and if you made it this far…thank you for reading.

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