• Works fine, the only problem is that it replaces your product image by the video. I sell books and all my product’s image is a picture of the book, then when people click on product, I would like that the video comes in 2nd position and for that you have to pay. Thus useless for me. In other words, I have to pay 39 USD to be able to put video in second position. Not worth it. Too bad.

    Update: I add an extra star for encouragement. My advice, instead of charging 39.- for the pro, put one for 5.- or 10.- that allows to put the video in other position than #1.

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  • Plugin Author Krishna Kant Chourasiya


    Hi there @zylaris,

    I have created RSFV for one thing and one thing only in mind, but it grew into something else and mostly what features our users requested. It takes enormous effort and time in supporting themes and different layouts for the features which we already provide for free, and to continue on with new features we had to take the premium route, there is no other way to keep the plugin development active and I know for a fact as a plugin user myself anyone like you or me would want the plugin they use on their site to be consistently updated and working for years to come.

    This is what goes when we want to support majority of the free users while keeping the ongoing development in check.

    I’d really appreciate if you could update your review and rate it for what we already provide in free and not for the pro version if you’re not willing to support at the moment. I run this company by myself and it’s all that I have and take pride for while continuously developing for the better, and to have it all thrown under the bus due to what you couldn’t get in free vs pro is kind of very unsupportive in all honesty.

    Have a great day 🙂

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    Why don’t you put a plan for 5.- or 10 max that allows to put the video in an other position then #1? It is also frustrating for us to search for a solution, find this one and when we look at the final result we see that we need to pay 39.-. If that option was 5.- I would have taken it instantly but 39.- no thank you. Check it out, maybe you make less money at first BUT you get more customers and ratings, thus more money on the long run.

    I salute your efforts !!!!

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