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    I paid for the feed-to-post plugin so I could get away from wp rss multi-importer, which is free, but the author never ever responded to any inquiries at all ever.

    So I changed to WP RSS Aggregator, and had issues from the start. I have over 200 RSS sources, but their importer did not import any of their taxonomies or characteristics like author and frequency. That was one manual fix for about 3 hours.

    The plugin has a “Debugging” screen, which comes in handy, except that one of the errors is “WPRSS: The feed URL is not valid! Please recheck:” but it does not tell you which RSS URL is invalid. People change their RSS feeds all the time, so it’s expected that one or two per week might get this error. I reported the issue to the developers. They told me to go find the invalid URL from the list of feeds.

    The next most frequent issue is old posts being re-imported, even though my settings were for no post older than 3 days and “unique titles only.” Those settings did not solve the issue. I reported the issue to the developers. They told me first to trash the post. Then they told me to trash and then permanently delete the post. When neither of those worked, they told me to trash, delete permanently, and blacklist every single post that I didn’t want to see again. Not really a workable solution.

    The URL shortener settings in the plugin simply do not work at all. Never did. The developers did not acknowledge this issue when I reported it.

    Finally, the biggest issue of all is that, from my 200+ feed sources, most days the software imports feed-to-post exactly ZERO posts unless I manually go through 3 steps: check all feeds in the debugging screen; manually run the “fetch_all” cron job; clear the WP cache; and then wait. Then all of a sudden after about 20-30 minutes, I get dozens of new feed-to-posts; however, many of them are old, as reported above.

    Their support is very responsive, always returning email within 24 hours or so, but they simply never would acknowledge that their might be a bug in their software. Basically, they answer you and politely say, “you’re wrong.”

    The last time I reported these same bugs (the last of multiple times, in hopes that they would acknowledge and update the plugin), I was basically told “we can’t fix your problems, so go away.”

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  • Plugin Author Mark Zahra


    Hi Kevin, we appreciate the feedback, however we feel it’s important to clarify certain things mentioned above.

    With regards to the issues you faced, we explained and sorted the majority of them out, as most of them seemed to be misunderstandings of the way certain features work. The issue with the debugging log not displaying the feed source is something that we could not reproduce, however as already noted in our email correspondence, our developers are looking into why this may be happening on other systems.

    The issue of the old posts being re-imported was also explained, and our documentation goes into each of the solutions we listed. It’s important to note that if a post is deleted (but not blacklisted), and at the next fetch it is still present in the RSS feed, then the plugin would naturally import the post again, as it is meant to do. The blacklist feature was in fact created to counter-act this.

    As for the URL shortener settings, I was not personally aware of this issue (perhaps you brought it up with my colleagues earlier on), however we have not had issues with it with other clients. This is something that can be debugged if we are allowed to look further into it.

    Lastly, your issues with cron were explained through our correspondence, and all we can do right now is to debug this further with a more clear setup. Hence, we requested to be able to test this issue with just WP RSS Aggregator installed to be able to eliminate any possibilities of plugin or theme conflicts. This can also be achieved through the creation of a staging site which we can then work on, in order not to touch your live site.

    Since we were not given permission from your end to do such testing, we decided to offer you a refund, which we saw as fair considering the amount of time used up by both parties.

    Should you wish to change your mind and allow us to run some tests on a clear setup, we will remain at your disposal via the premium support channels.


    Thread Starter Kevin


    I’m taking this opportunity to up my rating for this plugin. I never stopped using it, even after giving it a so-so review, mainly because there is no real alternative, but also because I can see that my case is a little extreme. I have 250+ RSS feed sources and I don’t have a mack-daddy server.

    However, it was their support that has turned me. I use WP-Drudge theme on atlantatechblogs.com, and I review and edit every rss feed item that comes through, so I have a LOT of manual processes. One of those is inserting the canonical URL into the outbound link field of the WP-Drudge template. Completely manual.

    At least it was, until Shirag from WP RSS Aggregator dropped me a few lines of code and then did the troubleshooting when it didn’t work at first. Now it works flawlessly, and I have quite a bit more time on my hands.

    Thank you for great support.

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