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  • Please! I’d be very appreciate if anyone here could explain this serious problem. Almost all of the posts on my blog are marked as “deleted”, although it is still being counted with the permalink ( . Is this the problem from my blog or the problem on the stats system? I have try both Jetpack and WordPress Stats with no luck.
    You can see the screenshot of this problem here:

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  • Have you tried emptying your trash?

    Is emptying trash related to this prob somehow? Anyway, I don’t have anything in my trash.

    There is a fair amount of technical difficulties currently happening revolving around the stats

    Yours could quite possibly be related….

    They are working on the issue

    But is anyone here facing this problem like me?

    Yeah, happens to me too.

    Anyone know the solution?

    I have seen this weird thing: when I manually use csv.php (wordpress stats api), it will give the wrong permalink for each posts:

    0,Home page,,44941
    884,Chiếc nhẫn đi lạc,,21667
    651,"Nhóc yêu, cho anh xin lỗi!",,11745
    744,Từ khi Anh đến,,8321

    As you see, the permalinks are in “” format. But my site uses “” format. So, is that the problem?

    I have the same problem, is there any fix for this?

    I don’t know. May be the problem is inside the Stats system. So we can’t do anything. But fortunately, the Site Stats dashboard on our self-hosted site is still displaying the correct names. Because instead of getting the URLs from Stats system, it gets the post-IDs and converts them to post-URLs, using its own database to detemine the URLs.

    this is causing a big problem as I use the api

    What’s the problem you are facing?

    I use the api to get the data and so I can track on my own system which posts are doing well each month. But now as some posts are appearing as deleted and other with title, I am only getting some of the data.

    I don’t know why but fortunately, the stats for my website is gradually being recovered. May be the problem is inside the Stats system. It gets the wrong permalinks and when it re-checks the links, of course they doesn’t exist so it marks them as deleted, I guess. Hmm.

    I don’t know if my fortune has something to do with WordPress Supercache. After a long time googling with no hope, I’ve decided to re-enable the Supercache. May be after that, the stats system will retrieve the right permalinks again and recover the title for us.

    Almost all of my post get wrong permalinks now. Haizz. So when will automattic fix it for us???

    All of the ones which have the right title have the wrong url, and all the other ones do not have any titles, just appear as (Deleted)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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