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  • I read so many good things of Dokan and it seemed to have such good reviews, that I decided to go with them. It’s now been almost 1 year of back and fourth with paid programmers and so far not been able to make it work.

    I have the pro version and the support team constantly assk me to get a developer to fix issues or offer me their own developers for $90 p/h for a plugin that doesnt work. I am terrified of new updates as every time a new bug shows.

    It’s been a horribly frustrating experience! I now believe the plugin is really not ready for use. I think they have invested a lot of money on marketing to get paid users, but I’m still to meet 1 single programmer to tell me that the plugin actually works.

    I really don’t know what to do now, as I’ve spent a lot of money and issues still keep coming up. Last one is that all sales are being duplicated and vendors are being overpaid. It’s hard core problems like that, all the time. Withdrawal system still doesn’t work, checkout will create errors if low on stock. It’s a never ending nightmare.

    Most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with a plugin.

    If anyone has a better suggestions of plugin, please HELP!

    Dokan is now asking me to remove my review as I have chosen to stop using them. Bellow the email I received:

    “We are glad that you find out a new plugin and hopefully, the support team will be as you expected. But as you decided not to use our plugin we will kindly request you to change the one-star rating.”

    Looks like their unethical behaviour extends further than selling a plugin that doesnt work.

    Fyi, WCfM. Waaayy better, cheaper and actually works 🙂

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  • Plugin Support sohanhossain


    Hello @greenramona,

    We sincerely apologize for all the trouble you have had so far with our plugin. We understand your frustration because one year is a lot of time and afford. Would you mind sharing the ticket numbers where you felt you did not get a proper response? We would like to review them and provide the support that we owe you.

    Also, we understand that different users have different requirements. This is why the user requirements sometimes exceed the limit of our default functionalities. In fact, we willingly provide minor customizations like custom CSS, modifying some line of codes and fixing theme compatibility issues. But, we only recommend taking help from developers when a user requires major customization like developing new features, modifying major parts of the codes, integrating 3rd party plugins, etc.

    Now, the issues you have mentioned here don’t exist in our plugin. These issues might happen on your site because of various reason and we would love to investigate your site and help you with the fixes. We value our client’s time and money. If you cooperate and allow us then we will be more than happy to help fix the mentioned issues. I request you to submit a ticket mentioning all the issues you are having at this moment.

    We look forward to your ticket.

    Best Regards,

    Thanks, I appreciate your response but I found a better solution. One that I was able to connect within a couple of hours, offered more things than Dokan, for a better price and is running smoothly. So, Im afraid its a bit late now.

    I’d sugest a good idea would be to invest more on supporting your clients in the cennecting process so it doesnt escalate to this. I say this specially after reading many of your other negative reviews with issues just like mine.

    So fyi, issues do exist and my platform was pretty basic. No major cusmizable anything. Just one of your templates with the service that never worked properly. Sorry, but I stick to what I said.

    Thanks for trying though.

    Plugin Support Nazmul Hassan


    @greenramona, We are not forcing you to remove what you said. We appreciate your time and effort to put such kind of feedback. We will improve our support more to avoid such kind of problem.

    We have 20,000+ users and we provide equal support to all of them. Until the requirement does not require any modification our support never stops helping any user.

    If you want then we can check and solve your problem once again 🙂

    @nazmulhassann20 Who said you forced me?

    You should not ask people to remove their reviews AT ALL! That is unethical and defeats the purpose of a community such as this one.

    Again, thanks for the offer, but NO. Now please stop contacting me.




    Hi @greenramona did you go with WCFM by chance? I am trying to make a buy decision.

    Hi @general_b
    I did. And so far, I’m very happy with it. It’s a lot more flexible, cheaper, works smoothly and has more features. Like forninstance, WCfM has on thweir feee version the vacation mode, which Dokan has on their most expenssive plan.

    You should try it out. Even the free version has worked way better for me than Dokan.

    Hope that helps 🙂

    My only regret is not finding it sooner!! 😭


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