• In our setup, this allowed users to create accounts at checkout that were less than the required settings. This resulted in Woocommerce being unable to auto log them in after checkout. They also couldn’t log in manually, as the password didn’t meet the requirements in the backend.

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  • Plugin Author Danny Santoro


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Yes, this is a restriction in WooCommerce that I can’t change without having a rather complex set of template overrides – it’s mentioned in the plugin FAQ here: WC Password Strength Settings FAQ.

    If you post in the WooCommerce Ideas Board that you’re looking for password validation during checkout (or add that code yourself with standard Woo code) then the plugin will pick it up and restrict as intended.

    That said, on my test site even if the user has a password below the requirements it will allow them to log in. If you’d like to send an email to help@viai.co with a URL for the site I can look at then it would help me identify if it’s a widespread problem or isolated to your site, and potentially how to fix it.

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