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  • Great plugin.

    One issue I’m having with it – I am trying to configure permissions so that “editors” have the ability to edit all other “editors'” profiles (specifically change the “Name” field). I tried assigning to the role “editor” all permissions that had the word “user” in them:

    1. add_users
    2. create_users
    3. delete_users
    4. edit_users
    5. list_users
    6. promote_users
    7. remove_users

    That didn’t work. Then I looked at the Codex for User Levels. I noticed that at Level 5, a user can “see basic information on all Authors & Users; and, can edit, promote, and demote, users of lower Levels except User Level 0.” Editors on my site have level 6. So I granted capabilities to a user (“user A”) to be level 7 thinking that “user A” would then be able to edit the profile of all other editors. But that didn’t work either. “user A” can only edit his own profile.

    screenshot on Imgur

    How can I allow an editor to edit other editors’ profiles?

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  • Note: User Levels were introduced in WordPress 1.5, they were replaced by Roles and Capabilities in WordPress 2.0, and were finaly deprecated in WordPress 3.0.

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    User can not edit profile of other user with the same role.
    I see you have more than 1 user with admin role. Try to edit other admin profile. You can not. The same is valid for editors.
    Try to create role of ‘super_editor’ and add needed capabilities to it. I think supereditor will have ability to edit other ordinal editors.

    Hi all, I have the same issue with edit users. However in my case, my editor cannot even edit normal subscribers, or anything else below them. I have all user options checked for the editor. Right now I am using a multisite and a new install of word press. Only role right now that can edit users is an admin right now? any ideas here?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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