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  • ashworth102680


    I love this plugin. It does everything we need (almost).

    We have everything setup, and considering going premium and purchasing the addons, but we need to find a way that allows users (frontend) to submit their locations. The company we’re building this site for is a manufacturer, and the dealer/retail locations that sell the products are what will be featured on the map.

    Unfortunately, expecting the manufacturer to handle 100% of the data entry for where it’s sold is not an option. I’m considering Gravity Forms to post to the plugin’s custom post type, but the latitude/longitude portion is what’s tripping me up.

    Is there a clever way to accomplish this feat that I’m not seeing? Maybe there’s an addon that I haven’t heard of that allows this, but really…I’m just trying to get the “add a place” functionality to the frontend, so that users can self-submit their places.

    Sure, the manufacturer (website owner) will be on the hook for moderation of submissions, but I’m trying to figure something out that eases the process and administration experience.

    Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

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  • imagei


    I am facing the same issue. Need forum users to be able to add/update their locations and info to the locator without being let loose in the dashboard.




    The only solution I’ve found so far is with a competing plugin (not sure if I’m allowed to mention the name or link here), combined with Gravity Forms (form frontend) with Gravity Forms + Custom Post Type plugin.

    I created a form that matched the custom fields and posts as a draft to custom post type that the plugin uses. When a user submits the form, it saves it correctly to the custom post type for that plugin and shows up as a “location”, but the geocoding (lat/long from address) doesn’t happen unless you (admin) go in and edit the entry and click “publish”.

    It’s not the best case scenario, as I’d much prefer that the geocoding (getting latitude/longitude) happens automatically. For our needs, though, we might be cool with this…since we don’t want any random user being able to add lots of items to the map without admin oversight.

    We just didn’t want to do the data entry…which this accomplishes.

    If there’s a way the developer/author can chime in, I’d love to see how this can be accomplished with this plugin, as I like it better than the other one I’m using. Seems like it should be feasible on some level.



    Our solution only requires the data entry to be available to approved members, so the unauthorised over use issue is side-stepped in our case. We wouldn’t even need to approve the data as we could edit or delete as we see fit. It would just be great to avoid all the unnecessary admin also. Right with you on this one.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    The functionality is feasible, but is purely a matter of “having the time”. Paid customization work fees the family and always gets on top-of-the-list. “Would be cool” features like this are added to the “when I have time available”. Fortunately I’ve had some decent paid customization work that is keeping me from getting a greeter job at Walmart, unfortunately cool features like this (and several others I want for my own sites) get delayed.

    If anyone wants to take this on as a coder, I have been adding in extensive hooks and filters to Store Locator Plus so anyone can write an add-on plugin. This is the very method I will use from now on and is how Enhanced Search, Enhanced Results, Tagalong and the new third-party add-on Widget Pack all work.

    Data elements, hooks, filters, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is documented well enough on the Charleston SW ( tech pages to get started. Any docs or necessary hooks/filters that are missing I’ll be happy to add to assist any developer that wants to tackle this.

    In the meantime, I have it on my “cool new add-on” list. I need to come up with a short name for this add-on and find the time to schedule it. Maybe I can convince the widget author, WithinBoredom to work on it.

    No need to justify mate. Dollar keeps the devil from your collar. We’re all in the same boat there. It’s a biggie though, as far as paid for bolt ons are concerned. Anything that saves admins that amount of time will be worth a bit of ‘collar’ to them.
    Good luck dude, and for what it’s worth, a $25.00 upgrade would have flown out of my pocket here. I’m probably going to pursue a coded plugin add-on solution for this myself, so if you want to drop me an email, I’ll keep you in the loop.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @imagei – Thanks for understanding. For some reason a lot of people seem to think this is some big company or a dozen people working on the project and that I can do everything in a day.

    Personally I’d love to get this out to the market. It is definitely something that’s been asked more than once and shouldn’t be too hard to do.

    Some of the other plugins in the works are by 3rd parties. When they are production ready and tested I will list and promote them on my site and integrate it into my existing marketing channels/news feeds. If you’re thinking of having someone code this for you and you want to make it into a 3rd party SLP add-on, please keep me updated. You can reach me at I’ll respond with my direct email.

    I have created a addon for store locator to allow users to submit locations

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @dunpeal – if you are interested contact me and I can list it on the CSA site.

    Is this addon going to be available via the charlestonsw site?

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    @imagei – I’ve not heard back from @dunpeal.

    any update on this, i would love to have this feature!

    i have given the code base to lance so he might do something with it

    Guys, this functionality now exists for SLP. Check this thread.

    Plugin Author Store Locator Plus


    As soon as I finish working on a big customization project (3 weeks of work) this is next on the list.

    I also have the widget pack developer coming by next week to put out a new version of the widget pack.

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