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  • Could anyone explain how I can show visitors a PDF document on a WP site? It is 16 pages in total.


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  • Upload it to the site and provide a link to it.

    Apologies for asking the obvious, but is it important where it goes in my site’s folder system? I assume not in the WP Content?

    no, it’s not really very important where it goes, but you should exercise some judgement as to whether you would like it to live alongside your other uploaded files, or whether it deserves a folder of its own, etc.

    file organisation is up to you, ultimately, but I’d probably put it in wp-content/uploads

    You could use the wordpress upload system to add it, then provide a link on your post. That it’s a PDF doesn’t really merit any special consideration over any other kind of file you upload for your users.

    Thanks, Ivovic, much appreciated.

    I’m not having much success with this pdf file.

    I’ve uploaded a 500k pdf file to my WP test site,, in the public_html folder, but the link is not visible (url is

    No problem with viewing .txt, .html and .php files – all visible.

    Could anyone offer an explanation as to what I’m doing wrong?

    I took an educated guess…
    try that link.

    On unix-flavoured servers, case *does* matter. It’s therefore advisable to use lowercase when convenient.

    Thanks a million, Ivovic – I just couldn’t work that one out.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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