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  • Hello,
    I’d like to allow all registered members to my blog to post articles using a custom submit form, easier to use for members (something like they do at

    All submitted stuff should be held in moderation and approved by an administrator.

    Users should be able to upload images / add links and videos.

    Any idea? Thanks in advance for your support

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  • ty


    Under the ‘General Options’, change the new user default role to author contributors cannot upload. As for a custom submit form, I’m pretty sure you can use QuickPress on the front end, though I haven’t experimented with it. You’d just need to make a custom page template for your theme that has the QuickPress form on it. If that doesn’t suite your needs there are probably some plugins that would handle the submission aspect.

    Hello, junsuijin, thanks for your quick reply.

    About the role, I’m using role manager, there will be any probs. with the permissions?

    Also, if I change the default to author, will the moderation still be available? I don’t want people to post stuff we’ve not reviewed and approved… could be an open door to spammers…

    Finally I’ve searched through plugins and quickpress looks the best choice, but it’s new to me and I’m not sure how to use it; I’ll give it a try.

    I’ve a growing community (about 400 members by now) and would like to involve them deeper in the blog. Any suggestion also for profiles / login / registration?

    Thanks again

    For the submit function maybe it’s possible using flutter?

    Anyone implemented it this way?



    Good point neuville. Authors can publish posts (I posted a little hastily it seems), Contributors cannot. However, contributors also cannot upload files. If you’re using role manager you should be able to create a custom role, or grant Contributors the ability to upload files, and then set your default user role to Contributor instead of author. I’m not sure how the role manager plugin works though, as I’ve never used it.

    Check out the TDO Mini Forms plugin for a quick post form that may solve all your troubles though.

    Hi junsuijin,
    thanks again, looks that TDO Mini Forms could fit good… I’m still playing with user roles 🙂


    Hi im also facing the same problem i want my member to post articles just the same way they do it on

    kindly check it and please gimme some suggestion how to set it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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