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  • I would also like to see this feature. I’ve been searching for a plugin that can do this and haven’t found any. It would be a great addition – even worth a premium price tag.

    In my own testing, the Simple Page Ordering plugin works wonderfully with one limitation: A page cannot be made the child of another page that does not already have children. For that, you need to edit the page (e.g. Quick Edit without leaving the page listing) and select the Parent.

    Other than that, however, this plugin functions well. You can move a page by dropping it above a page you want to be its new sibling or below a page you want to become its new parent (IFF that target already has children). If you move a page that already has children, it brings its children with it, including moving a family to a new level.

    For re-ordering within this limitation, this plugin out-performs native WordPress which itself does not immediately adjust position when we change the Order or Parent values in Quick Edit. WordPress by itself requires us to reload the page listing to see the new relationship in page sequence and indenting.


    Plugin Author Jake Goldman


    Yea, the better visual cue would be incredibly tricky to pull off, because we’re limited by the structure of the table rows (which don’t play well with “indentation”), and have to deal with many different scenarios, including pages with existing children, pages without existing children, etc.

    We may get to it some day, but not on the near term road map.

    As Paul mentioned, combined with Quick Edit, the plugin does enable ordering between children – just not quite that elegantly.

    I’ll review your code with an eye to seeing how to translate a sideways drag & drop into a change in an item’s parent. Dragging and dropping sideways should make the dropped item become the child of the closest previous item with a lesser ‘indent.’ It might be helpful to walk the page array adding the nesting level of each page. It’s possible that the WordPress admin menu editor might provide a good working model.


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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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