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Allowing Duplicate Category Slugs in Different Parents

  • Hello,

    I have several categories which have parent categories. Each of these categories refers to the same type of content.

    For example, here is how it is right now:
    – blog
    — fun-blog
    — extra-blog
    – news
    — fun-news
    — extra-news

    I’d like to have it be like this instead:
    – blog
    — fun
    — extra
    – news
    — fun
    — extra

    So I can have URLs that look like this /blog/fun instead of /blog/fun-blog

    Right now I can’t because WP won’t allow me to have duplicate category slugs.

    Does anyone know of a method or a plugin I could use to prevent this?


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  • Here’s a workaround:

    So far it seems the only workaround is to first create a duplicate category with a different name/slug, setting it to the child of whatever category. Then after it is created, it is possible to edit it and change the name at that point to be a duplicate name/slug.

    from: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/161878?replies=6#post-729671

    If I’m understanding what it says, then I believe that has been fixed by 2.8.5. If I’m reading it right (using my example above), if i rename “fun-blog” to “fun”, then rename “fun-news” to “fun” it ends up as “fun-news2” (since when it tried to change it, fun-news still existed). If I try to rename it to “fun” again, it ends up as “fun-news” again.

    This was supposed to go into WP 2.9, but sadly it has been further pushed to some “future release”! 🙁

    I hope it’s 3.0 when we would be able to create the right kind of pretty URLS with proper taxonomy.

    This is a highly desired feature!

    Not in 3.0

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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