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    Im interested in this plugin, but it appears that users can only edit their OWN posts, and not the posts of others.

    Im trying to build a wiki style site where registered users can contribute to posts regardless of who created them.

    Can this plugin do that?

    Ive been looking for a week now, keen to find a solution.


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    Ive just spent some time working with this plugin and its very close to what I need. I would just like to allow all users to edit all posts.

    So each post should have a small “edit” link in it that registered users can click on to update or change the information.


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    Mehedi Hasan


    Hello @@jromaine,

    I’m sorry but WPUF doesn’t offer such kind of feature right now. Editing others post is not possible by default.

    However, I’ve kept your idea on our feature request log. We may consider adding this in the future if we get the similar request few more.


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