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    I would like to use P2 to allow anyone to post a status update, that everyone can see, of 440 character or less with or without a link – without creating a log in. To keep away the BOT spam I would like to use a CAPTCHA.

    For example, if you were to visit my site right now, I would like you to see the site as you would as if you were logged in, able to post a status update on the landing page with a CAPTCHA so it doesn’t get over whelmed with spam crap. However, I want to make sure that the freedom to post ends with the status update, I don’t want to give anyone access to the back end/dashboard.

    Basically, everyone would be able to leave a public message to me!

    I’ve edited a lot of templates, but this one stumps me, I don’t know where to start. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to do some editing of core code, but what and where?

    How do I allow everyone to post a status update or what I’m calling “a message to me” without creating a login and without giving them access to the dashboard?

    (site is sitting here for now:

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  • m a dummy user but can say wordpress uses 4 roles for user such as admin,editor,author,subscriber .. in these roles there is no option that allows guest posting without registering with ur site.check the box anyone can register in ur dashboard and pick author as their role which will allow you to register anyone to ur site and then they can post.but i think you or probably you dont want that.. there is a sidebar widget called ‘quick post widget’ which allows guest posting without going to dashboard means they can post easily from front page.
    and other thing about leave a message you mean contact from ?
    check out this if this or this and see if that helps..

    Oh you’re good!!
    Thank you!!
    I’ll check those out.

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