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  • I’ve seen several plugins that will allow me to modify roles to be able to edit others’ posts, but I haven’t seen a way to allow them to merely view them before publishing. Is there an elegant way to allow author’s, for example, to view other users’ saved drafts without allowing them to make edits or publish?

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  • Is the answer to this question supposed to be on that page? I’m not finding it. I see only a list of the default permissions for the default WordPress roles. I don’t see any reference to a permission that allows read-only access to unpublished posts.

    I would also like to find an answer to this one. There doesn’t seem to be a capability for “View all drafts” or similar.

    Actually there is a way to do this, but a plugin is needed. You would need to install and activate User Role Editor. This will add a User Role Editor option under the User menu. In here select the role you wish to edit and then check read_private_pages and read_private_posts. Click Update.

    This will allow all users of that particular role to read private pages and posts.

    I had to set up something like this for a Non-profit I was working with recently.

    That’s not a valid solution. raddevon wants to allow a user view unpublished posts from other users, not private posts.

    Unpublished posts (or drafts) are “private” as they are not published. Here are all of the setting that will need to be set in the user role plugin to allow for seeing and editing drafts (aka private posts):


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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