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  • People need to login to my site to be able to post comments, but once that comment is posted, they can’t edit it.

    This is something I’d like to allow for a project I’m working on. I understand they shouldn’t be allowed to edit another users comment, but I would like it if they could edit any of their own comments on anyone’s posts.

    Any ideas anyone? I’ve tried the Role manager plugin but it doesn’t help with this issue.

    Also, as a seperate (but related) issue, when a logged in Author clicks on the ‘Comments’ tab in the admin area, it displays all comments on the blog. Is there a way to make this list just show the logged in user’s comments please?

    Hope someone can help! 🙂

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  • for user editing comments, this is the one I’ve been using WP AJAX Edit Comments

    Cheers 4K. I found that a few hours after I’d asked the question too 🙂 It looked promising at first and I think I’ll use it for a while but I forsee problems if my site I’m working on takes off.

    The WP AJAX Edit function works by checking the IP address of the user, not the username.

    If all goes well people from various academic places, university courses etc, will be registering on my site. And I’m not entirely sure but I think a lot of them, say a bunch of people from a specific university, may all have the same apprant IP address? That means they’ll be able to edit each others comments and that’s deffinitely something I don’t want 🙂

    In the short term I think I’ll use it though.

    But for the long term, does anyone know of any hacks that work by checking the username and not the IP address?

    Here it says WP AJAX Edit Comments is cookie based.

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