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    Hi there,

    I love your plugin, I’ve spent a lot of time testing over 10 different membership plugins to find something simple that worked and finally discovered WP-Members. Thanks for taking the time to build this. If I finally use it for my project I’ll make sure you get retributed for your efforts.

    While it’s got everything I need, the way it handles passwords is a major drawback. From a usable point of view it doesn’t make sense for users to have randomly generated passwords as something like jEZyTCnQnQ2y is impossible to remember.

    Is there any way a user can choose its own password in the registration form? I’ve searched the FAQ, User Guides and forums and while I can add new fields there is no mention on this. Also, I’ve tried to login with the random password and go to the Profile page to change it to something memorable but you cannot change it from there either.

    Are you planning on improving this or is there a way I can code an extension to the plugin that can resolve this issue?


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    The reason for randomly generated passwords is based on the need for valid user information. Essentially, it requires the user to provide a valid email address.

    Following the instructions in the Users Guide on setting up the Members Area will provide you with a process for a logged in user to change their password.

    I will probably add an option at a later date that will allow an administrator to allow for user chosen password as registration, but that is currently down the project list a little ways as I am wrapping up a significant update (that will be version 2.6). This is something that will probably be worked into version 2.7.



    Thanks for the quick response Chad,

    This will probably turn me back in fully implementing the plugin as my target audience is non-technical at all and requiring a user to “(1) register (2) go to email and activate account (3) login with encrypted hard-to-remember password (4) find the account profile link in the website and (5) edit the account profile to change password to something he/she can remember” is such a complicated process that most of the non-techy users will just login once, do what they need to do and abandon the password change process (I personally consider a huge security issue to send an email to the user with the plain password in there, but that is another issue discussed in WP trac).

    Because of this large tedious process, websites loose a big amount of returning users, specially in non-technical environments where people are more reluctant to use computers and navigate through complicated steps like the above mentioned.

    Anyway, you’ve done a great job with the plugin and I will be definitely looking forward to version 2.7 and onwards.

    Thanks for your time!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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