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    I seem to have a problem allowing a visitor to upload an image with their testimonial.

    I have option 14 on the Settings page ticked.
    I have a custom field for images set in the custom fields.
    I can upload/attach an image to the testimonial via the admin area.

    The problem i have is that when i try to add an image to a new testimonial via the [hms_testimonials_form], it doesn’t show. Is it uploading? Or is there a problem?

    Hope you can help!

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  • Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey there,

    When you view the testimonial in the WP-Admin -> Testimonials section does it show up?

    WOW quick response, thanks.

    I’ve just noticed that it’s NOT showing in the admin, it was yesterday when i first uploaded it but it’s not now.

    But it is showing on the actual web page with the testimonial.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Weird. I will try to look into it this weekend.

    I wonder if there is a difference if you are logged in or not.

    I have tried that (both logged in as the main admin, and logged out). Both times it’s the same for me.

    I look forward to seeing if you can work it out.


    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Sure thing.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Hey bullseyedesigns,

    I just tested it on my setup and worked as expected. What version of the plugin are you using?

    In the admin it should show up in the “Name” box just below the editor.

    I’m using the latest version as only installed it the other day.

    Please note that i am only using it on my pc (localhost) at the moment as the site is not live, so i can’t give you access.

    I have placed some image files in this Dropbox link that show you what setting i am using. Maybe it will help in working out if i have a setting wrong. (

    When i get it online i will let you know if i still have problems.


    Plugin Author Jeff K


    Very weird. In “Untitled-6.jpg” you can see the “Remove Image” link. That only shows up when an image is attached but it should show the image. What browser are you using?

    I’m using firefox 29.0.1. I haven’t tested it yet on another browser.

    The image did show in the admin the first time i uploaded it, but now it doesn’t. Although i’m not too worried about this bit, it’s still something not working as it should.

    It’s been a few months since i noticed this problem. There’s been updates on the plugin, but still the image does not show in the admin.

    Have since noticed that the image is there, but it is hidden by the plugin css using…

    .testimonial-image {
        height: 0;
        width: 0;

    After doing some research i remembered that i followed the information on this post that stated “If you set both width and height to 0 in the settings you can control the width and height with your regular CSS.”

    This obviously works on the actual website by not giving any height and width attributes to the image, but it seems that it also plays with the admin side of things and hides the image in the admin. Now how do i go about stopping this?! Surely the image in the admin should just show the thumbnail of the uploaded image, so the user can see what the image is.

    Hope you can sort this.

    Plugin Author Jeff K


    There we go. The admin no longer uses the size from the settings when showing the image.

    v. 2.2.26

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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