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  • It seems this issue has been raised many times before, with no real answer from the Ultimate Member team…
    There needs to be a way for developers to customize page styles on Ultimate Member pages.

    The overuse of !important tags by UM devs, and the inability to override Ultimate Member CSS files in my theme (e.g. /themes/my-theme/ultimate-member/templates/um.min.css) are infuriating. There isn’t even a working option to disable UM CSS globally. The “um_disable_dynamic_global_css” filter hook in the UM documentation doesn’t work, not in the current stable version (1.3.88), not in the latest beta (2.0.2).

    I’m not going to waste anyone’s time with what specifically, rather this issue as a whole should be addressed. I have never encountered a plugin that makes it so difficult for its advanced users to make necessary style changes.


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  • The crazy thing is that their pro price isnt cheap by any means. $200 yr is some serious cash for a plugin. And when you cant customize or get support, somethings definitely not right. They also make you purchase the pro version to get options that are free in buddypress from my understanding. I havent tried buddypress, but I may before going through all the hasle of trying to learn CSS to restyle UM.

    Buddy press is 10 years out of date and worse than ultimate member. These people are really out of touch. 99% of people just want the basics. They should have done an envato style $20 6 months of support thing for the free plugin.

    @bonomonster for us non tech people, what file, in what folder do you add this code and exactly where in the file? Thanks.

    wp-content/themes/(whichever theme you are using)/functions.php

    Add it to the bottom of the functions.php file

    @onefinaleeffort, are you using a child theme? Im very non tech when it comes to this stuff, but the first thing i did was create a chikd theme. I used this video to walk me through that.

    Then I took the code Norm1 posted and put it in my functions.php file. From your dashboard, go to Appearance/Editor. On the right side you will see a row labeled “Theme Files”. Click the one that says “Theme Functions”, it will say (functions.php) below it. Then just skip a line or two at the bottom and paste the code from Norm1. Then hit update.

    This will change the whole look of UM. Norm has listed all the wp_depueue_style changes in that code. The only one i wanted to change (at least for now) is the buttons on the registration form, so the only one i needed is the wp_depueue_style(‘um_default_css’). I erased the others. This kept most of UM looking the same for me. Whichever wp_depueue_style you change will completely change the UM css and the look from the default UM.

    My understanding from here is you can then go back to the “Theme Files” on the right side, select “stylesheet” and write in new css for the UM stuff you want to change. I havent gotten this far yet though because im not sure what css to write to change it the way i want.

    If you feel you’ve messed up along the way, you can delete the code from Norm in the function.php file and then update and UM should go back to default.

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    Yes, I meant how to apply all this to a child theme. What files and what do so it recognises the styling from the child theme css.

    Thats what im not sure about either. I dont know if theres a way for it to pull the style from the child theme.

    I was going to go into my Stylesheet and write custom CSS for the specific parts i want to chage so that it matches my theme.

    ok lets start again.

    simple instructions in how to style ultimate members in a child theme scenario.

    Do you use the main theme css or copy files over?
    What is the folder structure? What files are copies and what code is used so it is recognised.

    Really sad Ultimate Member developers don’t care.

    I made all my changes to the child theme. My functions.php and stylesheet files were already in the child theme (pretty sure thise 2 folders always carry over into child theme)

    Then paste the code Norm gave into the childs function.php file and hit update. You then need to put custom CSS into the stylesheet file that will tell wordpress how to style UM. I believe it defaults to what your theme is, but there are still going to be elements that you may need custom CSS for. I havent gotten a chance to see how much i can adjust in actual theme setting vs what ill have to write CSS for.

    I am sad to let you know that the styles for the plugin are a bit jumbled. I ended up canceling out most everything and rewriting the css. It was a bit of a pain in the butt.

    That really stinks to hear Norm.

    Is it possible to copy what you wrote here? That way others can just change colors/padding/etc. to what they need?

    I found this. Not sure how to make any of it work. I put UM back to default, then added this code into my Stylesheet on the child theme. I changed only the colors over to the colors in my theme, hit update, wordpress confirmed the update, however nothing changed anywhere.

    If you haven’t canceled out the UM stylesheets, that css code won’t work. I don’t know if I could be much help.

    Have you considered hiring a freelancer? For simple edits like that, you could find one very inexpensively.

    You’ve actually been a lot of help. I really appreciate it. Hiring a freelancer will probably be a route I take in the future.

    EXTREMLY annoying,

    Was thinking about paying for this plugin but now about uninstalling!!!!!

    Norm1, I tried your suggestion but I can’t get it to work on the backend in the admin area, the plugin changes my ACF-dropdowns and no plugin developer answer any questions it seems like,

    Strange way to try to make bussiness

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