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  1. mdeeter
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is a request for the enhancement of WordPress.org's own plugin search results page.

    For us new WordPress users, when trying to find a new plugin, it'd be nice to be able to search your website and sort those results by rating and downloads.

    For example, searching for 'excerpt' shows these results:

    There are several, and I'd like to sort these results by the highest rated ones first... then if I still can't find one I like, I'd like to change the sorting to show them by downloads.

    It's a pain to page through multiple pages of results to find the best-rated, most-downloaded plugin in my results on the last page.


  2. JCoelho
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Bumping, because I greatly aprove this sugestion.

    I've been recently searching for plugins with several different features and it baffles me that there is no sort criteria whatsoever!!!

    I see myself looking at 20 pages worth of similar plugins, and just want to sort them by downloads/ratings and I can't. There isn't even a Top5 of the most popular and widely used by the comunity.

    All you can do is go to the forums and ask for what people use.

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