• Hello,

    Is there a way to put tags in email subject ? For instance, the |NAME| and |CHECK_IN| choose by the person that is booking.

    Is it a good behavior ?
    Is it technically possible ?

    Thank you

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    At the moment this feature is not available with Pinpoint Booking System. You will only be able to do this if you’ll modify the code.

    Thank you!


    Thank you very much for your answer.
    Could you advise on the file to mofify in order to achieve it ?

    If I update these lines in /includes/reservations/class/backend-reservation-notifications.php

    $subject = $DOPBSP->classes->translation->decodeJSON($translation->subject,

    Where can I find the function that retrieves label field form in order to use the |CUTOM_TAGS| I created with the form ?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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    Would you have an advice on the file to modify in order to integrate custom tags in subject ?

    Thank you

    you just need to call json_decode($reservation->form)
    In return, you get an array of objects, each of them being a stdclass in which the “value” attribute is the value in the form, the “id” attribute is the id of the field unuseful info, as you don’t knwo this id, except if you inspect the form-fiels table in the database), and the “translation” attribute is the label which is displayed in the form.

    Nevertheless, it’s never a good idea to modify a code that you don’t manage yourself. It should be better to ask PinPoint to offer the opportunity to perform some personalization, by using the wordpress filter mechanism, with the appropriate parameters.

    Hello @jyd44

    Thank you for your very skilled advices. I will try it with caution.
    I would like to ask them but communication seems to be complicated as they might have a lot of requests, so… Just look at their answer above.

    Fortunately you are very kind to answer my questions.
    Thank you

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