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  • Currently when you create a new Meta group you cannot sort them without changing the ID’s in the database yourself, or you have to go through the tedious proces of changing the order per product.

    I believe this greatly effects the usability while it really shouldn’t.
    Even if we can define the order by typing in the numbers ourselves it would be tremendously better than it is right now.
    Please consider updating your plugin to fix this issue.

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    I believe we have added this feature to sort meta list on product page, but will check it again.

    @nmedia like I said, changing it on the product only changes the order on that particular product. Hence my remarks on usability.

    @love4work Why don’t you just assign a PPOM group to a product category? I think that would solve your issue here.

    @brozra unfortunately it won’t. I have multiple groups and the order of 2 groups should always come last. Here the problem is you cannot sort the groups, so when you create a new group you are stuck with that group on the bottom of the list.

    Like I explained, not good for usability. Because the only way around this is modifying the ID’s in the database.

    @love4work Do you mean you are trying to assign multiple PPOM meta groups to individual products? If so, then yes, I can see your problem. An ability to change the appearance order of the groups, regardless of their associated ID, would be very useful in your case scenario.

    Or you could try to combine your groups. Duplicate and combine the groups based on product-case scenarios and assign the combined group to individual products. In my usage, I have several groups that I assigned to individual products to make up for minor differences in options. Yes, it’s repetitive, but you can’t expect every WordPress plugin developer to anticipate every use-case scenario. Sometimes it is just best to be creative and work around the limitations of the plugin.

    @brozra I understand the way you solved this issue for you. However recreating/duplicating is just as bad if you ask me. In contrast adding a sorting option is a tremendous powerful way to solve this. The world of software where plugins should not do everything is true, but in this case it’s not adding a complete new functionality like say please add MOQ that is not size depended; It’s fixing something broke (at least from the user perspective) within the current state, it’s an enhancement.

    I believe in fixing the code that either makes us repeats ourselves or where you have to go through unreasonably obscure steps to solve the issue at hand.

    That being said, I appreciate your input and I know where you are coming from.

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    Hi buddies,

    @love4work, I know you may facing issue in your case but as said by @brozra software/plugins cannot be built ‘ONE For ALL’. So we have to make it generic to make it available for max public.

    Anyhow, thanks for your inputs.

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