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  • I don’t really fully understand user privileges, but from reading the codex I’m not sure if I can do what I would like to be able to do. I’d like to be able to allow registered users to edit their own comments and nothing else. They can’t post, edit posts, do anything to anyone elses account; but they can edit their own comments, e.g. to fix HTML errors or typos. Can this be done? Perhaps with a plugin?

    TIA, Darren

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  • I am really in need of this too…… Anybody?

    anybody that can help enable this?

    yes please. the only current option right now is to enable everybody to edit the posts of everyone else at their level. at my group blog this would really not be a good idea…

    i seem to remember that in 1.2.2 members could edit their own comments.

    count me in–I’d love to see this as a plugin

    does anyone know if this is possible under 1.5? it seems like a major flaw for group-blogging.

    I too would love to see this functionality enabled. Wordform ( is a modification of WordPress and has this functionality – I am trying to hack the two together, but so far no luck.

    does the latest version add this functionality? to clarify again: to give registered users on a group blog the ability to edit their own comments (but not anyone else’s)?

    this really is a crucial feature for group blogs.


    Try this plugin:

    It allows ANYONE the ability to edit their comment for X minutes after posting (authorization is based on IP address). No need for users to register (unless you want them to – this plugin works for registered users too).


    hmmmm…went and looked at it, and it does seem both a little insecure and also limiting for registered users. what if someone wants to fix typos at a much later point than what you set as x?

    registered members are allowed to edit their own posts–so why not let them edit their own comments? or at least make it part of the user-level permissions. of course i’m not a coder and have no idea how difficult it would be for something like this to be made part of the basic wordpress code.

    can a developer acknowledge whether this feature is even in the roadmap? or should we make do with the limited plugins that may become available?

    Users can edit comments at level 4, but that means all comments.

    As for the plugin, you could set the edit limit to 10 years if you wanted. It’s just suggested you leave it at around like 30 minutes so that it doesn’t screw with the flow of the comments (people changing completely what they said on old comments, etc.)

    And how is it insecure unless you’re behind a proxy?

    well, if you are in a shared environment–which some of my group bloggers sometimes are (university computer labs etc.)–it can be a problem (since it is i.p based). plus if you make the comment from your work computer and then catch a mistake when you get home you can’t do anything about it till you’re back at work again. if this plugin is the only thing there is i’ll use it (with cautions to my members)–but i guess i don’t understand why this functionality wouldn’t just be built into wordpress’ user-levels.

    allowing my registered users to edit each other’s comments (at level 4) would be a very bad idea…plus don’t they get other permissions at that level?

    okay, so i decided to install this plugin after all. and immediately ran into a problem. it says to add it to the plugins folder, activate the plugin and then edit the comments.php file in the folder for my theme. however, there is no comments.php file in my theme. i have a very basic theme–all that’s in there is an index.php file and my stylesheet. here’s the code in the index file for the comments:

    <div class=”feedback”><?php wp_link_pages(); ?><?php comments_popup_link(__(‘Comments (0)’), __(‘Comments (1)’), __(‘Comments (%)’)); ?>


    what now?

    over at his blog the writer of the plugin gave me the solution to my problem above. basically, if a theme doesn’t have its own comments.php file wordpress uses the one in the default theme, and so that has to be edited and added to the active theme’s folder.

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