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  • Hi,

    My client has a personal training website. She would like to add a section to the site where her clients can log their own workouts (e.g. the exercise completed, number of reps, time, notes, etc.). They would need to be able to save the data and access it again later, so they can compare it with past workouts and track their progress over time. Each user’s data would be secure (i.e. stored in a profile), but my client would need global access to view all of her clients’ progress, and possibly leave her own feedback.

    Anyone know of a plugin that could do this sort of thing, or possibly another solution? I feel like there must be a plugin out there, but I’ve been searching and searching and have found nothing.

    Hopefully the way I’ve explained it makes sense. Seems to me the functionality would be fairly standard. If anyone has any ideas or could point me to a solution to make this work with WordPress I would love the hear it! Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Sounds like a job for some custom programming. WordPress is great as a basic website or blogging platform, but you’re describing a specialized application for logging detailed metadata with a reporting mechanism, well outside the scope of the baseline blog.

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