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    Is there a way for Community members to use either the Community add-on or another BadgeOs add-on to thank each other, perhaps for being helpful?

    Also, I’d like community members to be able to see how many times people have been thanked because it can help build up trust.

    Any help/feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Are you thinking something above and beyond just a comment on a user’s profile? Not sure what parts of this request relate directly to the code in the Community Add-on yet/

    Thanks for the response Michael.

    I guess I was unsure about the extent to Community Add-on’s abilities.

    I see on other sites members can click on a Thanks radio button and this shows up on the profile of members.

    I am not terribly technical so perhaps another plugin does this. Does what i have described ring a bell with you (as it where)? Is there a way i can achieve this using BadgeOS?

    No, nothing like that in our plugin suite sounds like what you’re describing. It’d need to be something custom at this point if not integrating an already existing plugin from somewhere else. It’s not sounding like anything specific to within BadgeOS either, to be honest. Just the ability to post a quick message to a user’s profile or activity feed. I could see it having a way to integrate with BadgeOS by having a way to select which achievement the person helped out with somehow, or some other way not thought of yet.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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