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  • Hi all,

    I have a Facebook application that has several thousand registered and active users. What I’m keen to do is establish a blog and a forum for these users using WordPress and BuddyPress. What I’m aiming for is to completely remove the WordPress login for users and require that they sign in using their FB accounts, I would like this to be the only way for them to sign in. Also, if they’re trying to login to the WP/BP website and have not authorised the the FB application with their FB account I would like to ask them to authorise the fb app when they login to the WP/BP site.

    I have found dozens of FB Login and OpenID WordPress plugins, but I’m open to suggestions from user experiences. It would of course need to pull over the users name, picture and email from Facebook to support BuddyPress. It would also be great if I could tie it into the FB app so they can authorise the app on their FB account from the website.

    I guess I should just manually disable the WP login/registration scripts and triggers?

    Thanks for any suggestions, feedback and support!

    N.B. I apologise if this has been posted to the wrong place in the forums, it’s my first post here! Thank you.

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