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    I’m still fairly new to WordPress, so please forgive me if the answer to this problem is obvious.’s not to me.

    I’ve got a Members Only site that I am setting up for friends and family. I want to create one “guest” account and send that login information to everyone (a couple hundred people) rather than manually creating an account for each of them. Then, once they are in the site (having used the guest account to get in) I want to give them a link to Registration so that they can create a personal account for themselves. Problem is of course that once you are logged in the Registration function isn’t available any more, it’s Log Out instead.

    I realize it will take a little scripting, but is there some way to call into an appropriate function to force the registration process code to run?

    Hope someone out there can help. I’d be happy provide more info if this isn’t clear.

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