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  • Resolved Darren_S


    I’m a bit frustrated with what seems to be an inability to actually block spammers’ ability to waste my time, but I admit I might not understand how Block Lists are intended to work.

    I am dealing with a steady stream of Allow List Requests from spammers using the same IP address. (I get automated e-mails for each request, so that I can keep an eye out for real humans who have been blocked by the plugin.) The thumbs down icon clears the request, but the spammers keep coming back from the same IP addresses.

    So eventually I’ll get fed up and manually copy-paste that IP address to the Block List. But it doesn’t seem to matter. Allow List Requests still come in with spam content from that IP.

    Is the Block List not actually meant to prevent users from these IPs to submit an Allow List Request? If not, how can I do so? I’d like to ban the IP so that I don’t keep getting e-mails all day long.

    Thank you for a great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    Yes, you’ve misunderstood how the plugin works.

    As aggressive as Stop Spammers is, the plugin never actually outright blocks anything or anyone from your entire site. Instead, it only blocks them from being to complete certain actions on your site, like registering, logging in, commenting, sending emails, or anything else involving forms.

    I would strongly suggest that if these requests are exclusively junk, then simply disable the email feature and then adjust the Allow Request feature by adding instructions for real users to manually email for help if they’ve gotten themselves stuck in the spam filter, add a second chance option, or simply only manually check it once a day as part of your workflow.

    To completely block an IP from your site at the root, add this to your .htaccess file:

    Order Allow,Deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from

    Add a new Deny line for each additional IP you want to block.

    PS: The “Ban IP” feature is in fact on our to-do list for a future version.

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