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  • Hi guys,

    I would most certainly appreciate your replies and solutions to this matter.

    I’m using the ACF plugin and Jigoshop for this development.

    With ACF, I have created a series of 3 check boxes for the option page of a particular custom post type. These 3 check boxes are actually a list of shortcodes generated by Jigashop, for particular products.

    As ACF is designed, each check box created should consist of a value.
    One of the check box’s for my custom field is assigned as “red”. ex:red:[product id=”181″], where red registers as a key or label name and its’ value is [product id=”181″].

    As you guys can see, my value for red is actually a shortcode; [product id=”181″].

    My goal is when red is chosen, its’ field output which is [product id=”181″] should be echoed in it’s suppose form; a product item, not text.

    I tried doing this:
    testtest is the field name created through ACF

    $value = html_entity_decode(get_field(‘testtest’));
    $output = do_shortcode($value);
    echo $output;

    But the output is blank.

    I’ve tried stripping out “html_entity_decode”, but then the term “Array” was echoed out instead.

    I’ve then tried using “the_field”, but this time the shortcode was echoed as text “[product id=”181″]”, even after adding “html_entity_decode”.

    Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? I just want to output the shortcode selected by admin (through the check boxes created) in it’s supposed form, not text. I’m basically trying to convert the output/value of the selected checkbox, to a shortcode.

    Will greatly appreciate your help and responses.

    [Moderator Note: No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone instead.]

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