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    I am trying to use this plugin to set up pricing for an equipment rental company.
    This is what I need to do:
    There is piece of equipment available for rent, and it is $325 per day, $895 per week, and $1975 per month.
    I would like radio selection options for “Day”, “Week”, and “Month”, and a number input.
    Each radio option would have a price entered, “day” would be $325 etc.
    The user would select a rental period of “day” “week” or “month” and enter a number for length of rental. The plugin would then calculate the total price by multiplying the price for the rental period by the number entered in the rental length.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Can you let me know if that is possible to set up with this plugin? Would it require the paid version?


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  • Plugin Author Maarten Belmans


    Hi @slaymakermkting

    So, to make sure I get this right:

    If a user selects “week” and then enters “2”, it means they want to rent it for 2 weeks. Correct?

    Yes, that is correct.

    Plugin Author Maarten Belmans


    Can they rent it for “two weeks and 3 days”? Or “one month and 2 weeks”, for example?

    No, at this point it will be just one or the other.
    So first they choose “day” “week” or “month”, and then enter a number of that period.

    Plugin Author Maarten Belmans



    Ok, understood. Yes, it is possible with our plugin, but sadly only with premium as you need a pricing option free doesn’t have. I’m not sure if we’re allowed on these forums to talk about premium versions, but here’s how that would work:

    1) Set your product price in WooCommerce to $325. That’s the absolute minimum price it can cost (when users only need it for 1 day).

    2) With our plugin, create the radio buttons for “day”, “week”, “month”.

    3) Now comes the fun part πŸ™‚

    a) Create 3 “number” fields. One will be for “week”, one will be for “month”, and one will be for “day”. As a label, you can set something like “How many days?”, “How many weeks?” and “How many months?”.

    b) Each field allows you to add “conditionals”, meaning they only show up when a certain option was selected. Make sure the “how many days” field is only visible when “day” is selected in your radio buttons from step 1. Do the same for the “how many weeks” and “how many months” fields.

    c) Enable pricing for these 3 fields and set it to “Amount x field value x qty”. This makes sure the amount entered in the field will be multiplied by an amount you set. Then simply set the amount for each field (being 325,895, and 1975).

    I hope this makes sense πŸ™‚ If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us through the livechat on You’ll get a quicker reply. I’m marking this thread as resolved as the explanation should do the trick.

    @rentmy this is not okay to blatantly advertise a totally different solution.

    Plugin Author Maarten Belmans


    @slaymakermkting I typed up a reply with instructions but it’s being reviewed by moderators (probably because it is a long one πŸ™‚ ). Hang on, it’s coming!

    Moderator Steve Stern


    Support Team Volunteer

    >> I’m not sure if we’re allowed on these forums to talk about premium versions, <<

    No. Please take the thread to your own support system. Thanks.

    Thanks so much for the explanation!

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