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  • Is it possible to allow individual site members to view their own ad statistics (but not edit until a certain level), this would be extremely handy! They can keep an eye on impressions and on clicks from the site!!!!

    One big problem with banners using impressions is that ad owners tend to check out their banners regularly, and if their ad doesn’t appear on a page they will constantly refresh the page looking for their banners to appear to make sure it looks like they want and displays as often as they want.

    This counts against them and other members using the banners as each time they refresh the page an impression is added the the banners !

    Is it possible to have a certain user level prevent the banners from counting up when viewed on the front end? Say anyone over the level of subscriber wont add to an banners impression count? This would allow signed in ad owners over the subscriber level to view pages as often as they like without adding to bannerscounts to their own and others banners! This would be a great selling point for the banner space.

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