• Hi All,

    Sorry if i published it twice

    The law in Europe requires adding allergen icons to menus, so it would be great to allow to add extra icons to the food blocks.

    Example :
    Gluten icon , eggs icon , dairy icon …. there are 14 ..

    You can find the information here : https://erudus.com/14-major-food-allergens-for-eu-food-information-for-consumers/.

    So This makes the menu illegal in all europe if you don’t include these marks.
    Do you think there is a solution or a turnaround for this problem ?

    Thanks for your help ¡¡

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  • hi there

    many thanks for your question:

    first of all: your page looks fantastic. It is designed great and a superb example of what can be done with the theme and coblock i guess that you use the feature /image block for it.

    i for one did not get it: why do you think that you infringe the eu-law!?

    Can you give more insights and explanations. That would be geat

    your Apolloman

    Hi @apolloman ! .

    Well , actually thats not my website :). Its a website that explains the European Law and his requeriments.

    Caterers and Food businesses are now required by law to be able to provide customers with accurate information on the EU’s 14 major food allergens listed below, if they are included in any of the food products they produce, sell or serve.

    So the situation is that every menu in Europe should have allergens included otherwise is illegal and you can be fined. :(.

    I love your Editor its so simple and easy to use . Thanks ¡

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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