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  • I have already successfully done a clean install on another site, but am attempting to upgrade my own. Can someone please clarify the directions here for me? :
    When the instructions state:
    “All you really have to do is replace all the files with newer versions and run b2-2-wp.php and you should be ready to go. “
    Are you saying that I should
    1. Configure wp-config.sample.php and rename it wp-config.php
    2. dump all files with the wp- extension in the appropriate directories
    *assuming we are in the root directory*
    Then run:
    Would that be considered upgrading?

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  • doubtful, the new index.php files are much better and theres a host of other changes as well.

    sorry about the delay in reply – got a freelance job so im hard at “work”.
    right if i rememebr right from when i upgraded i uplaoded the wordpress stuff over the top of teh wordpress then ran the
    h**p:// file and entereed what was required – oh in the wp-config.php you need to enter the same database info as your current B2 blog.
    I woudl recommend waiting another day or two for the new 1.0 version to save time and energy…
    oh and make sure you take a back up of your database before you do anything to it!

    Make a backup of all your files as they will be overwritten. Release 1.0 should be out tomorrow from what I hear. 😉

    When I say back up, I’m just talking about the files you are going to replace (.php). I haven’t ever had anything happen to my MySQL database.

    southerngal said: “I haven’t ever had anything happen to my MySQL database.”
    Uh, oh…now you’ve done it. You’ve gone and jinxed yourself 😉

    :p I hope not! *LOL* I have been very lucky over the past few years. Maybe this year will be the Lottery year?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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