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  • Hello!
    I’m not an experienced wordpress-user. This is my first website with wordpress and I’ve done a lot through trial and error. Meaning: I have no idea about code and stuff!!! I was very happy when I finally had my site up and running 10 days ago and went online with it. I updated to 3.9. a couple of days ago and now all my widgets are gone! The home page was made up of a slider and a whole bunch of widgets – now there is only the slider. I checked the widgets and a couple (quite unimportant ones) were moved to the “inactive widgets” area. I could recover those, but everything from my “before content area” is completely gone!!! Is there anything I can do to get it all back or do I have to do it all over again?????? Help and tips will be much appreciated! Thanks a lot already in advance! I hope I was clear enough in my description – if not, please say so!

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  • Thanks a lot of the post, Stahlchen.

    After you upgraded, did you try switching a theme with a live preview? If so, then this issue has previously been reported and it will be fixed in the upcoming 3.9.1 release.

    For more info, see this ticket:

    Hi Weston!

    Thanks a lot for your reply! No, I didn’t. I just updated and actually didn’t do anything with the page at all because I left for a short vacation. I just wanted to check on something on the page yesterday and realized that half of the homepage is missing. 🙁

    Oh, and I did deactivate all my plugins – didn’t change anything…

    Is anyone else administering the site? Could anyone else have gone to Appearance > Themes and previewed a different theme after the 3.9 upgrade?

    Only my sister, but she hasn’t been there at all for about two weeks. But I do remember that after the update I went to appearance > customize to see what it now looks like with the widgets added. I didn’t do or change anything. Would that be the same thing, though? And to be honest – I checked out the link you gave me, but it was like Chinese to me. I didn’t understand a word written there. *bigblush*

    So, do I need to redo all my widgets or is there a way to recover them? I admit I’m a little desperate because it is my company site (I’m a caterer) and I really need it to work fast.

    Thanks a lot for your time already – I’m sure with the update there is a lot of stuff going on so I really appreciate your help!!!

    Just visiting the customizer shouldn’t have been a problem. The problem we noticed was specifically going to Appearance > Themes > Preview Theme.

    You shouldn’t have to “re-do” the widgets, as in re-create them. They should be all in Inactive Widgets, and you can drag them back to their proper widget areas.

    Nope. There are only three in the inactive area. All the others are gone. Would it help to use the old back-up?

    Just pretending it is the same problem that you all noticed….do I need to wait for the fix then or is there something I can do (Sorry, like I said, I didn’t understand a word of you all’s pro-talk! *lol*)?

    I’ll be looking to 3.9.1 too. Having current widgets removed by a live preview is a major drawback.

    Yep, you’re absolutely right! I went back to version 3.8.3 because I didn’t have the time to do all the widgets all over again. I’m no pro at all this and it takes me quite a while to do “structural” work. So I’m not going to update again until I’m sure everything is fixed…. 😉

    I’m having the same issue, but I haven’t been anywhere near the Appearance > Themes > Preview Theme

    This has happened on 3 of my sites and I NEVER go to Preview Theme.

    Unfortuantely all my sites auto update to the latest version of WP- so I have to stay out of everything.

    Have activated a widget saver plugin, but haven’t lost any widgets since I’ve done that – so not even sure if that’s a save for me 🙁

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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