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    Great to read that this plugin now uses GlotPress to translate the plugin.
    But the last update loaded a bunch of new .mo/.po files. Shouldn’t be all translations be removed an the translation loading method of WordPress core be used?
    Then it would just download the required translation files. Saves disk space and makes the plugin smaller, that makes updates easier.


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  • Plugin Contributor dungengronovius


    Hi derRALF

    Yes that should be ideal.
    But there is one problem, and that is that when a translation is not 100%, WordPress won’t download the language file when changing the core language. Since there are already some languages partially translated and we don’t want users to lose their translations when updating the plugin, we decided to include those languages to the core. To be honest I don’t know if this is the best way to go, but the main reasons stays, we don’t want people to lose their translations.

    Do you have any suggestions on how we can do this both?
    – Not 100% translations are not lost when updating the plugin
    – People can still use Glotpress to translate our plugin
    – 100% translation will automatically be downloaded by WordPress when changing the language.

    Any help with this is really appreciated.


    You seams to have a script that pulls the translations from Glotpress. Or not?
    Maybe it could just import languages with less then 100%. So over time as languages get to 100% the plugin gets smaller.

    On loading the file you could test if the translation could be loaded from the wp-content/languages/plugins folder and if not the internal translation can be fetched.

    Beside the banners inside the settings sidebar you could show a banner that asks on none-EN sites to help translating.
    You can fetch the sites language from options and link to the matching translation screen on


    Don’t know if someone has already build something like that already. Would be helpful for a lot of plugins.

    What do you think?


    Plugin Contributor dungengronovius


    Yes, we wrote a script that will fetch all languages from Glotpress. But right now we determine which languages are fetched from Glotpress. But there is only one language that is fully translated at this moment and that is Dutch.

    We aim to release at least once a month and getting the languages from Glotpress is now part of our release strategy. I think you’re right that if languages reaches 100% they should be removed from our plugin. But every time we add some new strings to the translation file, the 100% threshold for all languages is not met and so it will not be downloaded by WordPress.

    An extra banner for helping translating the plugin might be a good solution. For now I think the best of two worlds (auto download from GlotPress and including language files with a certain translation percentage to our plugin) works fine for us. It’s not that the translation files are that big and disk space it not an issue anymore nowadays right?

    Anyway, thanks for thinking with us and for your input. I will discuss this topic again within the team 🙂

    In general disk space got cheap, but not every WP user uses “big” hosting packages. And a lot of plugins “add a bit of size” with there files.

    For fun I just checked my main project and found 136 translation files for languages not needed. Things add up …

    Maybe seen at WCEU:

    We as devs don’t need to be worried about the users that have big servers – remember the big WP mission …
    With over 80.000 installs your plugin has an influence.


    I see the problem with none-100% translations.
    Maybe your team can find a nice way 😉


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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