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    Hello All In One Seo developers.
    There is a serious bug.
    In the older version you would put the title and description to the homepage through the ALL IN ONE SEO settings page.

    In the new version this moved to take the data from the page setting in the page editor, and not from the old place.

    This defaults now to the generic page title and description and not the one that was before.

    This means that all sites that put the seo data through your plugin and update will lose all their SEO power because your updated deleted this information!!

    Please fix this ASAP! this is really bad and we can’t work like this, please let me know how to do this or fix this in the next update.

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  • I confirm! On all sites, descriptions of the main page are violated. And inattentive users can be seriously hurt.

    Why are the developers of the SEO plugin (!!!) making such gross mistakes?
    Thus, they put the sites of people who trust them at risk.

    Plugin Support wpsmort


    @shaulhadar10 What’s the URL for your homepage? If you switch back to version 3.7.1, can you take a screenshot of the Home Page Settings and provide it. Can you also edit your Home page and see what’s set in the All in One SEO section there and provide a screenshot of that.

    You can repeat the error yourself when the main page is static.
    The main page settings (3.7.1) disappear.

    Many will not notice this, as the page descriptions change.
    There will be a lot of negativity …
    Thank you!

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    @wpsmort Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it.

    for some reason I can’t find in the plugin to roll back to an older version….

    Here is another site for example:

    The title and description of the homepage are now:
    title : Professional Appliance Repairs
    description : Our Appliance Repair in North Vancouver is organized, equipped and well-staffed and provides commercial and home appliance repairs.

    The title is supposed to be in this format:
    Home Appliances Repair North Vancouver | 604-210-3006

    But I can’t go back and check it out.

    Also, I have checked a number of sites and did the same procedure, and it worked good.. so maybe you already changed something there, but I still have a number of sites I can’t fix…

    Please let me know how to proceed .

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    @wpsmort Hi, Here is a site with before and after:

    Here is the seo settings on general page of all in one seo:

    Here is the title looking good:

    Here is the title after upgrade to version 4:

    Please let me know if you need anything else from me. I can see that this doesn’t happen on all sites, so there must be a conflict somewhere .

    Thanks for your time,



    I am seeing the same experience after updating to version This is a big problem

    Yes, I can confirm this happened again. Home page title and description were wiped. Unbelievable. is the last one I’ve confirmed working.

    This is NOT resolved in the free version, allso everything made before installing this plugin, is removed.
    Solution is make all pages without any form of SEO plugin.

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