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  • I updated a bunch of plugins last week but I can’t say for sure if Event List was one of them. However, upon checking my site today I found out that all the upcoming events have disappeared and the last past events are from a year ago, even though there has been tens of events after that. I just noticed that there’s a new update for the plugin so I installed that but, as one may guess, that didn’t bring the events back.

    I suppose the only way to fix this is to create all the events all over again (I was dumb not to make a backup last week…), but seeing that the events somehow got deleted this might be something to look into? I know for sure that none of the other admins of my site are behind this.


    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author mibuthu


    @zimbo000 thanks for your help.

    The normal manual upgrade process would be to replace all existing files in the existing event-list folder in the plugin directory. You probably have installed the new version to a different folder, so there was a conflict with the additionally available old version. But if you have disabled the old version now, it should be o.k..

    Have you also tested the manual upgrade trigger with the url parameter “resume-el-upgr=0.8.0”?

    So I removed the 0.8.1 version then deleted all the files in the 0.7.12 event-list directory and FTP’d the unzipped files & directories from the into the 0.7.12 event-list directory.

    Deactivated and activated, the plugin now says it is 0.8.1 – and all the existing events have disappeared.

    I then deactivated 0.8.1, deleted the directory, and copied back the 0.7.12 event-list directory that I had saved. Activated, it’s now back as version 0.7.12 – and all the events have reappeared.

    So… I then repeated the manual upgrade to 0.8.1: no events as before. I then did your manual trigger – – and all the events have reappeared.

    I’ve done this on a test site. What do I do now about upgrading my live site still running 0.7.12? Are you going to issue another ‘official’ version that will finally fix the upgrade process from 0.7 to 0.8 as a ‘normal’ plugin update?

    Hi @mibuthu, from looking through the support forum, this still seems to be an unresolved issue. Our site is using v.0.7.12 of your plug-in. I haven’t tried updating again, but I can try the development version on the live site to see if we can find the cause or if it has been resolved.

    Plugin Author mibuthu


    @zimbo000 great to hear, thanks for testing

    I have now released the new version with these improvements/fixes (version 0.8.2). If you have not upgrade before, you can do the upgrade as normal. If you have already upgrade before and switched back to 0.7.12 you can also do the normal upgrade, but probably the upgrade process does not recognize that the upgrade is required due to already modified settings during the first upgrade. The you can additionally trigger the upgrade manually as described above with the url parameter “resume-el-upgr=0.8.0″ (e.g.

    Please test and provide your success or failure here.

    OK, great, thanks. I didn’t get round to testing the development version, but will try the new version.

    Hi @mibuthu, I have tried the update to v0.8.2. It took several attempts to complete it. Before the update, there were 113 events. The 1st attempt took a couple of minutes & there were 7 events displayed!
    Next, when I tried to access the admin dashboard, there was about a 5 minute wait & then the connection to the website was dropped. Then I tried to access the website & again had a 5 min wait, but now there were more events listed, up to 9/1/2017 (UK date) At the next attempt, the upgrade of the database was completed. I got the upgrade successful message, but the update log only showed the last lot of events imported.
    Then I noticed that there are 120 events instead of 113. On further investigation, I found 7 duplicate events in 2013 (So, nearer the beginning of the database, because I only started that year.) One of the events is a triplicate.
    Anyway, I assume that I could just delete these events to tidy things up?
    I guess I could have been checking the update log, but I don’t know how to do this!
    I took a copy of my database previously. Looking at this I notice that the event IDs are not always consecutive. I think due to deleted events & then when a new event has been added it has been added in the blank (deleted) record. This does not tally with the duplicates & I don’t know if this has caused a problem with the upgrade.
    I hope you find this report useful. Cheers!

    Here is the upgrade log:
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Set event category taxonomy to “el_eventcategory” (according existing option “el_sync_cats” = “false”)
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Mary Rowley’s funeral” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Bert Paterson’s funeral” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Wedding” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Wedding” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Wolverhampton carers support team” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “St. Giles 150 years celebration concert” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Doris Cowles’ funeral” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Funeral Walsall” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Wedding Bradmore” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Gardenlands Christmas Preview Concert” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “Dutch war graves memorial service with Royal British Legion” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “** CANCELLED due to snow ** Sainsbury’s Wednesfield” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “**CANCELLED due to snow!** Arise Kingswinford Christmas Concert” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “**CANCELLED due to snow & ice** High Arcal School Carol Service” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Event “** CANCELLED ** Sainsbury’s Wednesfield” successfully imported
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Deleted option “el_db_version”
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Renaming of option “el_show_details_text” to “el_content_show_text” is not required: old option name “el_show_details_text” is not set -> use the default value
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Renaming of option “el_hide_details_text” to “el_content_hide_text” is not required: old option name “el_hide_details_text” is not set -> use the default value
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Renaming of option “el_sync_cats” to “el_use_post_cats” is not required: old option name “el_sync_cats” is not set -> use the default value
    [2018-04-28 10:12:23] Updated option “el_last_upgr_version” to value “0.8.2”

    Hi, This may be a separate issue, but when you try to view an event using its permalink, e.g.
    I get the following message:

    Not Found
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.

    When accessing the event through this site, it uses this address:


    I just updated a site running 0.7.12 that had never been updated before (I was waiting for these issues to be fixed).

    I ran the upgrade from Updates and it updated to 0.8.2. But there were no events displayed.

    I then ran the manual URL update – – and the events then reappeared.

    @mibuthu – It was significant that I had to run the manual upgrade. I stress again, this site had never had an update from 0.7.12 before. From your note above, it implies that such a site should update to 0.8.2 without problems. But it didn’t, the events were not visible until I did the manual update. Is this supposed to happen? I still have other sites running 0.7.12. Is it safe to update them?

    I, too, am having issues with Event List after updating WordPress. I have been reading this thread in hopes of “finding” the 3 events again.

    I have the ability to change the PHP version for my client’s website, which I have done. I set the PHP version to 7.2.5. I can change this to several different versions if need be.

    Then I used the SQL code above and ran it against the database, but still do NOT see the three events I had created.

    Can someone please tell me
    1) Have I lost the events permanently?
    2) Should I revert back to a lower version of Event List?
    3) Where in the database are those events? I’d love to get the text back.

    Thank you for any help that might be out there today.


    @jk15060: If Event List is now version 0.8.2, run the manual URL update – type into the address bar of your browser, press enter – and the events should reappear.

    No luck. The second SQL command caused the 3 “hidden” events to disappear completely, so now I’ve got to restore a backup from last month just to get back to where I was before the WP upgrade. Sadly, I just completed that restoration and that backup went too far back. Now I’ll have to ping my host for help.

    This is NUTS for a mere 3 events; the most important of which is in 3 days!

    Terribly frustrated!

    Another question. Where do I find the Event List events in the DB?

    UPDATE: I restored my client’s website and I actually DO have those three events. The plugin (in the backend) shows: All (3) | Published (3), but it also shows “No events found”.

    I think I might have the content of those events in the DB, but need to know where they are. I’m not going to run those two SQL commands, because it blew away the visible Published (3) in Event List.

    If someone can help me find the content in the DB, I can re-create these events.

    Thanks again for any help out there today.

    I have tried running from the restored website and still do not have the Events returning. However, the plugin still displays All (3) | Published (3), so I think I can still get those events back, but not sure where that content lives in the database.


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